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DC Language Immersion Project

DC Language Immersion Project (DC Immersion) is a not-for-profit whose mission is to improve achievement for DC and its residents by preparing a 21st century ready, linguistically and culturally competent workforce – through the systemic, equitable and socioeconomically integrated implementation of programs such as Dual Language Immersion in the schools of all eights wards of the nation’s capital.

DC Immersion works in three areas:

Research and Advocacy: In collaboration with District agencies, national and local not-for-profits, research institutes and universities, DC Immersion gathers and analyses data with a view to informing the education, economic and workforce development policies of the District.

Knowledge Dissemination: Through the organization of events, DC Immersion raises awareness about general and specific issues related to achievement, 21st century skills and programming. Through the production of reports, factsheets, articles and newsletters, DC Immersion increases access to available expertise and information.

Support Services and Networks: By creating a connective tissue between existing and future programs across traditional and charter sectors, and by providing coordinated access to professional development, teacher sourcing, materials and funding, DC Immersion supports current and prospective administrators and teachers in the planning and implementation of programs.


DC Immersion’s approach is

  • grounded in data, analysis and best practice
  • collaborative and cross-sector
  • District-wide and respectful of individual communities
  • supporting both existing and new programs
  • demand-driven, supply enhancing and pragmatic
  • not-for-profit, independent and big picture – education must be linked to DC’s economy

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