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Daniel J. Miklusicak, Executive Business Agility Transformation Coach; SPC5, Lean-Agile-DevOps

Dan is a highly sought-after consultant/coach/speaker/instructor with 25+ years in areas including Big5 Mgt Consulting, Prog Mgt, leading major F500 transformations & programs in both traditional and Lean-Agile-DevOps-Product spaces.  Clients include Discover, Johnson Controls, Target, McDonalds, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, US Air Force, Ameren, State Farm and more.  He has coached, taught, mentored and shared his knowledge to thousands of Business & IT alike, from beginner to expert, team members to top leaders. A life-long learner, Dan's earned certs include CSM, SAFe Program Consultant [SPC5], SAFe-DevOps, PMP, CDA, TOGAF, ITILv3, DSDM, e-Commerce, RTE & Lean6SigmaBB.  Dan teaches many SAFe cert courses.  Also, a Lean-Agile-Coaching course [CCLBA] that addresses the MIND, HEART and SOUL of successful coaches to reach true Lean Business Agility with a Customer-Centric Value Delivery Focus.


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