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Create3D - Workshops for 3D Printing & Design

3D printing is the foundation for the next industrial revolution.  It will fundamentally change the way engineers approach product design. What was impossible to manufacture before can be now be done.


It is said, "complexity is free" when it comes to the actual 3D printing process. The printer doesn't "know" it is creating an incredibly complex piece or something simple.


What does this mean for our kids?  Their world will be a different place.  There will be new types of companies that are able to focus more on design and less on how to make it. There will be new cottage industries. There will be a need for more designers and more engineers. And what is fortunate, the skills they have developed playing video games are very transferable to design programs -- it is amazing how quickly they are able to start designing.


Our workshops are the first steps to exposing your kids to the technology of 3D printing and design.  With each workshop, they will learn design skills with tools they can use for free, at home. They will create their own custom design which will be 3D printed to be picked up the following week.

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