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Christopher J Crippen

educational workshops focused on crowdfunding and early stage finance

 The Original Crowdfunding Renegade Christopher J Crippen 

The JOBS Act represents a fundamental change in business financing. Many Companies previously left out of the market, will now be able to obtain capital like never before. This will lead to disruptions across the board. The JOBS Act recognizes that recent changes in technology have necessitated an update to the securities laws. The JOBS Act is the first major revision of Securities Law in 80 years. Get ahead of the curve. 

In a recent survey of would be startups and established startups about the greatest barriers to starting a business or launching a product raising money topped the list. 

Christopher giveing Intro to Equity Crowdfuning @ WallStreet Event

At any given time there is an estimated 27 million business that are in need of capital. The US Small Business administration states that the number one reason over 51% of all business go out of business is due to lack of capital. Yet in-spite of this obvious need, 23% of entrepreneurs are so daunted by the task of raising money that they don't even try and another 51% are turned down for their efforts. 

Student Testiominals  

This is all changing. Reaching out to Friends and family is how most entrepreneurs get started, but this source by definition is a very limited group with potentially limited means, Next on the list are traditional investors, Angels, Super Angels, VCs & the like, but these professional investors are typically too narrow in their focus and short sighted to fund most startups. 

In this super connected world, Crowdfunding is the tool that lets you tap into this new resource allowing anyone to mine the world for like mined individuals and fast track passion projects like never before.

There are now more the 2500 crowdfunding portals online today. Funding everything under the sun and that number is expected to double over the next few years. 

Globally the total funds raised has followed an exponential curve from $532MM in 2009 to just over $6.7BB last year and is expected to be over $15BB in 2015.

With the passing of the JOBS Act and the addition of equity crowdfunding to the scene, Crowdfunding is expected to grow to an incredible $300BB marketplace in the coming years. 

In this introduction to Crowdfunding workshop, Christopher gives an in-depth look into the revolution that is crowdfunding..

Christopher Moderating Equity Crowdfunding Panel @ Wall Street Event 

Funded by Design was founded by Christopher Crippen.

Christopher has worked as an Analyst, Asset Manager & Executive for large Wall Street REITs, the FDIC & Fannie Mae. When he attended a Crowdfunding conference in 2010, He recognized immediately it was a game changer for Entrepreneurs, Artists & Charities to use the power of the of the crowds to fund their dreams.

Christopher is considered an equity crowdfunding expert and regularly speaks and teaches at industry events. (See Below) & was named one of the "who's who's in crowdfunding" in 2014 by Crowdfund Beat.

He has created several very popoular workshops on crowdfunding and
teaches courses on Equity, Debt, & Donation based crowdfunding -
Crowdfunding 101
How to crowd fund your next Real Estate Deal
How to crowd fund your next Film
Crowdfunding for the Real Estate Professional - coming soon  

Christopher started his career in finance at a large lender where soon rose to the top of the company. To embrace his passion for development and entrepreneurism he opened First Republic Residential Investments, a Correspondent Mortgage Lender originating over $50mm in residential and Commerical mortgages annually. 

Christopher saw the signs of the pending crisis and closed his lender then went to work for Fannie Mae and then on to lead the FDIC Division at Prescient Investment Management. While at Prescient, Christopher led a team of Asset managers & bank closing personnel. During his tenure Christopher and his team closed 153 Banks and managed the disposition of over 23,000 REO assets with a combined value of over $2 billion. 

In 2010, Christopher decided to fulfill a life long ambition to study abroad and moved to France, where he studied fine art photography at the prestigious Speos Institute in Paris. He returned to the U.S. & now teaches and consults Entrepreneurs, Artists & Charities on equity crowdfunding



Christopher J Crippen - IMN RE Crowdfunding Event in NYC 2015


RE Expo

Christopher J Crippen: Opening workshop at IMN AZ: Crowdfudning 101

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Crowd Funding BOOKS  

Christopher J Crippen – Crowd funding 101 - 

Hire Chris to Speak or give a private Crowdfunding workshop tailored to your audience.. 

Presentation Honorariums forChristopher J Crippen

Keynotes & workshops up to two hours $2,500
Half-day (seminar) $3,500
Full day (seminar) $5,500

Save money by hiring Chris for more than one presentation.

Flat-Rate Travel Expenses

The fees below include round-trip coach airfare (upgrades are made with points) to the program venue, Fort Lauderdale transportation, en-route and on-site meals, gratuities, and ground travel between the airport and the destination hotel.
      South East: $300
      New York, Texas, Colorado and Las Vegas: $550 
      U.S. & Canada: $950 
      Outside of U.S. & Canada: Plus expenses, including Business Class or First Class air fare.


To Promote your event: Hire Christopher J Crippen to take part in your event and we will supply regional emailing lists (at no additional charge) to help you promote it. Just let us know which ZIP codes you plan to draw from.

 To make more money on your event: Christopher's books and other learning tools are available at quantity discounts. Fulfill your educational mission and make money for your treasury by selling Christopher’s products in the back of the room. You can make 20% on each sale! Or, make a quantity purchase at a 40% discount and give one or more books to each attendee.

Guarantee. If I fail to show up on time (this has not happened yet), I will return all fees and pay you $500. You can count on me.

How to contract for speaking: Just contact at the address below or call during business hours. We will discuss your requirements and design a stimulating presentation to fit the needs of your group. Provide a budget and we will design a program to delight your audience.

A written agreement will be sent.

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