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C J Elsip

British artist C J Elsip has dedicated her life to her art for over 30 years throughout a life's journey of painful trauma, survival and healing that has provided her a great depth of empathic and visionary insight. After a near-death experience in her early 20's forever altered her perception, C J discovered her creative life-purpose and went on to earn her BA Hons Degree in Fine Art from Leeds University in 1996. She began her career specializing in oil painting, and by 2005, the artist began to emerge onto the international art scene with an exhibition in New York, and a growing number of collectors in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and New Zealand.

In 2011, the artist permanently relocated to Washington State, USA, and now currently resides and works in an enchanting location nestled between three majestic volcanic mountains and surrounded by ancient forests, glaciers and meadows from which she draws a constant source of creative inspiration.

UK artist C J Elsip’s uniquely inspirational approach to oil painting results in stunning visionary images with a vibrant intensity of light and visual depth. Pure complementary colors resonate through her work, whilst semi-transparent layers partially obscure hidden depths, drawing the viewer further into the image to contemplate on what lies beyond the surface. The imagery in C J’s work may initially appear somewhat recognizable but this swiftly changes into an abstract unfolding of multi-layered concepts, creating wonderful dynamic tensions whilst evoking a strong sense of the mystical.

“Aiming for a careful balance between spontaneous creative expression, and a more intentional, considered application of paint, I frequently find myself engaged in an ongoing dialogue with light, shade, color, shape and form. Seemingly random painterly gestures evoke, for me, a variety of conceptual associations, forming a visual language or symphony that communicates in an almost primeval manner. I will clarify, refine or define some imagery as it suggests to me coherent concept or narrative, while other forms are left retaining a more ethereal state of infinite potential. My entire creative process is all about communing with and expressing the spiritual essence of creative forces and an eternally evolving sense of conscious awareness that permeates all of life itself”

From landscape and nature, through parallels and patterns within micro- and macro-cosmic dimensions into metaphysics and psychology, C J Elsip’s bold, vibrant paintings express a deep fascination and exploratory journey through all the colours, flavours, shades, depths and heights of life, nature and consciousness - while perpetually leading us on an illuminating journey toward the brilliant light in all her works.

“The imagery in Carol’s paintings may at times be challenging – but I find myself continually drawn to the brilliance of the light in all her work, whatever colour that light happens to be…” – D. Carter, UK collector.

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