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Artistic Spectrum


Our Mission

To provide creative and recreational opportunities for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and to promote awareness in the Knoxville area of the ways people with ASD can contribute to the community

Our Vision

To create a fine arts studio that functions as an understanding, welcoming extracurricular center for people with autism spectrum disorders that also provides opportunities for family members and caretakers to relax, learn about local autism support resources, and form social communities, and provides opportunities for other extracurricular program directors to learn how to be more inclusive of the autism community.

Our Strategies

1. Host art exhibits and performances featuring people with ASD for the benefit of the artists as well as increased autism awareness in the community.

2. Organize information about autism-friendly arts opportunities and initiatives as a resource hub for adults with autism and parents of children with autism in the Knoxville area.

3. Function as a resource for local extracurricular organizations, performing venues, and fine arts organizations to help them make their facilities, lessons, exhibits, and performances better accessible to the sensory-sensitive community.

4. Open a sensory-appropriate studio where people with ASD can take classes in fine arts and martial arts and where parents and caretakers find support and respite.

5. Facilitate social groups centered around various artistic interests for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders.

6. Build a clubhouse or recreation room where adults with ASD or parents and caretakers of children and adults with ASD can meet for social groups, game nights, playgroups, or workshops.

7. Create an outdoor play area for children with ASD and their siblings.

Core Values

Our success is determined by empowering individuals and other organizations rather than competing with them.

All individuals and families affected by ASD have the right to recreation, relaxation, creative opportunities, acceptance, and information.

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