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Andrejka Coklyat: My Productivity Gym Class

Thank you for visiting! I have an exciting announcement!! Many of you may not know, I’ve made a BIG career change and I’m now working as a health coach specializing in other healers dealing with chronic illness. I have 5 spots open for a free Happiness Boost Breakthrough session. If you’d like to set up a time to chat, you can do so by calling 503-974-4848 :About me: I use many techniques for people who feel like they are going through hell, shaping the experience, towards relief. At the moment I have 12 spots for my 10 days and 10 ways Happiness Breakthrough for a limited time $97 Beta test. Solution goal is Instant Relief from at least one thorn in your side. Who would like to join me? I get most of my clients through word of mouth and it would mean so much to me if you shared this post or tagged a friend who struggles with health or career direction. Thank you all so much - your support means the world!

Sorry, there are no upcoming events