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"Agile66" is an Agile community in Thailand where agilists come together and discuss about Agile adoption in Thailand. It originated from blog site where various bloggers have come to blog about Agile in Thai. We also have Agile66 Facebook group with more than1000 users with quite active discussion. Besides the blog site and the Facebook group, we have also have proposed StackExchange site called Agile66 Stack, Agile66 Podcast, and participation in Agile Aliance's Agile Manifesto Translation project. These activities are often led by a group of local Agile evangelist which is sometimes referred to as "The Agile66 Staff".
We had our first Agile conference early last year called Agile Thailand 2012 with about 10+ local speakers and around 100 local participants. The conference was well accepted and there was obviously more demand than we could supply. Late last year, we also held another Agile conference, Agile Tour Bangkok 2012, with 20+ international speakers and 150+ audiences. The keynote speaker then was Amr Elssamadisy and got sponsorship from major Agile shop like ThoughtWorks and Odd-e. All sessions are recorded and published on YouTube.
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