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Agile Entrepreneurs

Agile Entrepreneurs is a network of bootstrapping founders of early-stage hi-tech startups actively building Products, regardless of whether it's a lifestyle, SMB or Venture-style high growth business.

Our offices are in Menlo Park - 10 minutes bicycle ride from Facebook HQ.


Apply now to join the "4-Week Startup (4WS)" Bootstrapper:


There are three Degress of Success for Product Entrepreneurs:

  1. Lifestyle: You're your own boss - your business pays for your lifestyle.

  2. SMB (Small to Medium-sized  Business): Revenues & Profit - not so much growth

  3. Venture Style: Explosive growth is the goal here.


Y-Combinator is proud to be the "most Exclusive" group for entrepreneurs that selects about 3% of all applicants. Agile Entrepreneurs (AE) is proud of being the "most Inclusive" group for entrepreneurs. The only selection criteria we have are your PASSION - committment to your vision - and EMPATHY - to help your fellow entrepreneurs.


Agile Entrepreneurs is here for the 97% - anyone can join the Founder Core for FREE.


The Four-Quadrants of Bootstrapping are: Strength, Passion, Wisdom, and Stamina.

Agile Entrepreneurs share & collaborate to  to maximize the chances of their success, by maximizing their potential in each quadrant.


They SHARE knowledge, wisdom, information, & resources, and they COLLABORATE to minimize Burn Rate and increase their productivity & efficiency.


AE also provides Custom Coaching for Startups (4WS), and larger Organizations (ARC for Product Executives & Product Engineers/Managers) in different formats:

  • Seminars (2 hours): Interactive Lecture (Public or Private)

  • Workshops (2-days): Hands on coaching for you and your product/startup team

  • Course-length Program: 3 months (1-quarter)


More About Agile Entrepreneurs:

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