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Abby Zhang & Vicky Wei

Abby Zhang

I’m Abby Zhang I  been working in Shen Zhen Tronxy Technology Co., Ltd, After completed my training I start to fall in love with 3D printing as I love the beauty of creation, especially after the completion of printing, the product able to sell and use in common household and even on machine itself.
Current as TRONXY's America Amazon Region Sales Manager, I start to handle customer feedback and recommendation and keep learning daily of new technology, it like in 3D there are never ending of knowledge to be imprint in me.

In Asia country like china really seldom have women get in to 3D printing but once you get in you will be addicted to it, that’s why it call addictive manufacturing I suppose. I really hope to gather more female to join and create a group to have knowledge sharing and to proof we women are able to do as what’s men can.


Vicky Wei

Vicky's major is mechanical design and manufacturing, have been working on 3D printing since 2016 , and  she've  worked on the 3D printing news media platform before. Now she is working on 3D printing education and creating 3D pen drawings.

Since entering the 3D printing industry and touching the 3D print pen, Vicky has rekindled her love of painting and artistic creation. She use 3D pen to create painting, with another art form to show the oil painting, and held several exhibitions of her 3D pen painting .


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