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Reset and Restore!

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Are you struggling with your relationship with food?

Do you find yourself eating out of alignment with what makes you feel the best? Having a hard time enjoying food because of rules you have created that don't line up with what makes you feel good? Eating more processed foods than feels right? Uninspired in the kitchen? Eating mindlessly and finding yourself over or under eating as a result?

Do you fear food, get frustrated with the process of nourishing yourself sometimes, or just want to shift your diet in the new year?

In honor of the shifting of the seasons, we (Lacy Davis of Rise and Resist Podcast, Super Strength Health and Liberation Barbell and Jessica of Mighty Steady Coaching) wanted to offer a program focused on healthy eating. We were totally turned off by the idea of attaching our names to the word “cleanse” or “detox”, because let’s be honest- 9 times out of 10 that’s just a thinly veiled diet, or a short term unsustainable restriction of calories. That’s not what we do! Instead, we are super excited to invite you to join us in something slightly different: a three week long Reset and Restore.

What is a Reset and Restore? It is an opportunity to slow down, to tune into your intuition around food, to honor your body’s natural rhythms with awesome food and nourishing drink, and to prepare yourself to go into the winter season grounded and open to the joy of it, as opposed to the stress. Together, we will celebrate our health in a variety of ways. The Reset and Restore will include:

1) Intention setting and meditation. we will each set an intention to be shared and explored in our group. We will offer one another daily questions to meditate on and commit to a short daily sitting practice, with a focus on nourishing our bodies and minds.

2) Delicious food and meal plans. We will happily provide a sample meal plan and recipes for us to enjoy together. There is no pressure to eat our exact recipes, but you will be invited to include more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and beans if those work for you. Our offered meal plan will be relatively simple, entirely plant based, gluten-free, and sugar free. During our reset and restore we will be consuming foods that are gentle on our guts and nourishing for our bodies. For US that means vegan, gluten-free food, for YOU that might mean something else.

3) The opportunity to connect on a discussion board daily, to support each other organically and with the occasional writing prompt.

4) Weekly 15-20 minute guided meditations, focused on connecting with your intuition, body positivity, etc.- preformed by yogi and Reiki practitioner, Lauren Head

5) Awesome video workouts that you can do at home without any equipment. We've recorded six video workouts that incorporate strength, plyometrics, and cardio to get those endorphins pumping! All content is free of body shaming and diet culture messaging.

6) And an optional 30 minute private coaching call with Jessica- just in case there is anything you’d like to hash out one-on-one.

The whole restoration package will cost $150. The event will take place entirely online between Monday, 1/2/17 and Sunday 1/22/17.

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