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Reclaim & Revolt!

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Health can be a really cool code of intuitive interpretations and rituals as opposed to a rigid sets of rules and regulations.

Health can be your own personal thing, a thing that no one on earth can convince you of or sell you.

Reclaim and Revolt is a *new* kind of health offering; one that is free of dogma, rules, and regulations.

This is a program designed to help you hone your Personal Power. You’ve already got it- yes, YOU - right now - but we want to help you see it.

This program aims to NOT give you a set of foods to eat and exercise routines to complete. Instead it offers insight into many different kinds of health (physical, emotional, spiritual, digestive, social, etc) and exercises to strengthen them all. It acknowledges that when one area of health is extremely strong, other areas may suffer. It builds our psychic muscles to handle the tension of a constantly shifting idea of health emphasis and encourages you to balance as best you can while telling perfectionism to fuck right off.

This personal power proton pack is designed to strap on with complete trust. While our health is never static, it can be built up and maintained.

We will help you facilitate the creation of your own guidelines for YOUR health.

Your life, your circumstances, your rules. Yes!


This is an opportunity to slow down, to tune into your intuition, to honor your body’s natural rhythms, and to prepare yourself to go into the winter season grounded and open to the joy of it, as opposed to the stress. Together, we will celebrate our health in a variety of ways.

So here's what you'll get:

The physical:

1) An introduction to intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is a nutrition philosophy based on the premise that becoming more attuned to the body's natural hunger signals is a more effective way to focus on health, rather than keeping track of the amounts of calories or macronutrients in foods. This intro will include exercises to hone your intuition both on and off the plate, and encourage the dissolution of diet culture messaging.

2) Delicious recipe ideas to light your creative fire. We will happily provide seasonal recipes for us to enjoy together. There is no pressure to eat our exact recipes, but you will be invited to try them if you're intrigued.

3) The opportunity to connect on a google group discussion board daily, to support each other organically and with the occasional writing prompt.

4) Awesome workouts that you can do at home without any (or with minimal) equipment. These workouts incorporate strength, plyometrics, and cardio to get those endorphins pumping! All content is free of body shaming and diet culture messaging.

5) Sports nutrition 101: what's best to eat before, during and after a workout? A few guidelines on keeping your muscles strong and recovering.

The Astrological:

1) General astrology overview for 2018: understanding how to work with with Jupiter in Scorpio (expand healing and reclaim power) and Saturn in Capricorn (build new systems and self-determination).

2) Elemental constitution write up: understanding of YOUR unique makeup of the elements (air/fire/water/earth) and how that impacts your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. Most of us have 1-2 elements that are strongest and we most identify with and 1-2 elements that we are deficient in. Ideas for exercise/workouts, herbs, activities, etc. based on your elemental constitution.

3) Writing prompts for:

January 1 2018: Cancer Full Moon

January 16 2018: Capricorn New Moon

January 31 2018: Leo Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse

The digestive:

1) Gut health primer: learn how digestion works, how to read the health of your gut, why it matters, how it shows up, best practices to improve gut health. This is a no shame/ no judgement zone for listening to what our bodies are telling us.

2) Herbs for gut health and optimal digestion: learn to make simple herbal remedies to support a full scope of experiences. Practical ways to work gut boosting herbs into your daily life.

3) A beautiful, easy to read, printable seasonal food & herb wheel to pull meal & medicine ideas from.

4) Fermentation: learn about different kinds of fermented foods, how to add them into your life, why they're powerful, and try a few safe easy recipes at home.

The Inspired:

1) A teaching on the cards of the year: Justice/Strength and the High Priestess, exploring how these archetypes can strengthen our personal power, creativity, intuition, and VOICES!

2) Interactive Tarot 101: get inspired by the Major Arcana cards and the Elemental Suits in a video lecture with a FUN homework assignment that will help you integrate each card’s essence. Plus, personal numerological life & year cards.

3) EZ DOES IT sacred self care coaching: short and totally doable daily guided meditation recordings that focus on cultivating self-worth and self-love. Each meditation contains a mantra that you can repeat throughout your day (or the rest of your life) to keep your focus aligned on your highest good. Journaling exercises for the end of the day to help you reflect on how this feels to integrate it as a healing habit. Plus, Erin’s energetic exercise video with short and easy techniques that really work to clear and charge your energy!

4) Story Magic: Congratulations, you have spent an epic month learning expansive and empowering tools to support your wholeness and wellbeing! Now what? It is time to rewrite your story. Reflect on your experience and share what has been most valuable, set short and long term goals and intentions for the future, and make connections with other program participants to foster ongoing support and accountability.

And if you want more:

1) A discounted optional private call with Lacy, Kelsey, Erin, or Hannae - just in case there is anything you’d like to hash out one-on-one.

The whole Reclaim & Revolt package will cost $222. The event will take place entirely online between Monday, 1/1/17 and Sunday 1/28/17.

Facilitator Bios:

Hannae Syd (@hannae_syd) is a nonbinary holistic gut witch devoted to the land, indigenous solidarity, fermentation, and magic. She is an herbalist, farmer/ gardener, home cook and fermentation enthusiast. Her life and gut healing work is lived as an effort to decolonize our internalized, inherited cultural attitudes towards land, food, health and the body. This self healing work is driven by slowly building close relationships with plants and our own ancestral food & healing ways. Through these simple grounding rituals we can become more accepting of ourselves and show up for the greater good with profound respect & reverence. She believes in self care, community, the power of body wisdom, unshaming our whole selves, healing the gut and trusting the gut.

Erin Aquarian aka @fulltimewitch is an intuitive healing artist, radical mystic based in Portland, OR. Her life and work are dedicated to the collective healing and liberation of all people and this planet.

Her work with tarot focuses on supporting human beings in becoming more empowered within themselves (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and in their lives (relationships, career and soul's path.) Her approach is anti-oppression and trauma informed, and she recognizes the unique challenges that modern people are facing in these times -- and that we are not all starting out on an equal playing field. Erin is committed to offering healing that meets people where they are at and is non-appropriative, accessible, and intersectional.

Kelsey Branca aka Deep Sea Astrology is a multi-faceted queer femme astrologer. Trained as a community health advocate and researcher, she believes in the importance of examining socially constructed realities before applying them to of our relationship with the planets. Kelsey's astrological lens is informed by her experiences as a chronically ill plant witch, foster parent, rural born and raised white woman, and unapologetic radical deep lez water creature. Kelsey's astrology practice is based in an anti-oppression framework and she is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and dismantling systems of oppression.

Lacy Davis (@lacyjdavis) is a writer, podcaster, and lifting coach. She own a gym called Liberation Barbell and wrote a book called Ink in Water: An Illustrated Memoir (Or, How I Kicked Anorexia’s Ass and Embraced Body Positivity). She currently hosts Flex Your Heart Radio, which is a podcast about fitness, feminism, eating disorder recovery, taking risk and crushing it at life.

Today everything Lacy does comes down to one defining thought: We do not owe anyone a certain body. We do not need to apologize for what we look like or what we’ve eaten. Exercise is not a punishment to atone for sins of consumption.

The only way we can actively respect our bodies is to seek total body liberation. Liberation from rules we make up for ourselves or that companies make up to sell us products. Liberation from self hating practices that hurt our physical, mental and social health. Liberation from secrets and shame around food and body. Intuitive eating and movement are a part of Lacy's reach toward Liberation.

Join us!

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