ESG in Practice - Simple Step-by-step Guidance

ESG in Practice - Simple Step-by-step Guidance

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Next Event: 24th August 2022 - How do I create an ESG Team and decide what their priorities & deliverables are?

About this event

Sign up for our ESG in practice programme and get simple step-by-step guidance to start your ESG journey.

MyConsole is providing 15 practical ESG webinars packed with insights to support people who have been empowered in their organisations to make ESG & Sustainability happen.

At the moment only large organisations have to make reports of their ESG / Sustainability activities but governmental regulatory bodies are currently planning to widen these to become annual mandatory disclosures for all sizes of organisations.

How will it benefit you?

Not only will you gain access to current thinking and practical tools and processes you will also develop the skills and competencies to help your firm become more sustainably aligned and better informed about the changing ESG landscape and regulatory environment.

Evidence is mounting that company performance regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors contributes to business success, and the speed at which those factors become material to any given business is increasing.

If you have been recently empowered in your organisation to make ESG & Sustainability happen then this programme if for you.

Visit myConsole website to see our solutions or to book a demo with one of our specialists today.


Philip Collard, CEO of myConsole - Former management consultant and executive director of Global Engineering plc with 25 years leading change management programmes

Nick Elliot, Non-Executive Director of myConsole - Strategy consultant at Bain, Social Ventures Australia and NPC spanning commercial and non-profit sectors, and a decade as a business founder and entrepreneur, with deep understanding of start-ups, business purpose, sustainability, social impact and the world of ESG.


Our series of ESG in practice webinars will cover the 15 key things to know about ESG over 12 months:


#1 - What is ESG and how will it help my organisation? - Watch the webinar recording.

#2 - What are the different elements of ESG and how can I think about them? - Watch the webinar recording.

#3 - How do I assess where my organisation currently is on our ESG Journey? - Watch the webinar recording.


#4 - How do I start our ESG Journey? - Watch the recording

#5 - How do I decide what is material and what I should focus on? - Watch the recording

#6 - How do I agree our high level ESG objectives, impacts & annual strategies? - Watch the recording

#7 - How do I allocate the correct budget to each objective and strategy? - Watch the recording

#8 - How do I create a culture of ESG and get the wider business and people involved? - Watch the recording

#9 - How do I create objectives and aligned activities and allocate impact targets for each ESG project? Watch the recording

#10 - How do I create an ESG Team and decide what their priorities & deliverables are?

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