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Conscious Conversations

Connect with and learn from conscious individuals around the world by discussing topics of both personal and contemporary importance.

By Third Nature

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August 14, 2020 · 9am - August 25 · 10am PDT



About this event

A Conscious Conversation is a space for empathetic, energizing, and meaningful discussion, brought to you by Third Nature.

At Third Nature, we believe that everyone has something to learn, and something to teach. Join us for any of our Friday sessions to share your perspective around that week's topic, and learn from other thoughtful individuals from around the world.

What you have to look forward to...

Through our tested formula and trained facilitators, each session is carefully crafted to unlock the collective wisdom of the group and find opportunities for personal, professional, and collective growth.

  • We begin with a brief message on the topic of the day, followed by a guided meditation to calm and center - preparing each of us for an open and authentic conversation.
  • We then move into breakout rooms with 4-7 participants per room for a facilitated discussion about that week's topic.
  • Finally, we close by bringing everyone back together to distill key takeaways and express gratitude.

Due to the nature of these sessions, we ask that you arrive within the first 10 minutes if you want to join a conversation. Please do your best to be on time.

Connect with Conscious Individuals Around The World

Over the years, we have amassed a growing community of entrepreneurs, creatives, seekers, and impact-driven individuals.

Since March 2020, we've been offering weekly Conscious Conversations as a space for our community to feel safe, supported, and connected. Since August of 2020, we've made the experience available free of charge to anyone in the world with whom our message resonates.

Through this free offering, you get a taste of the Third Nature Experience while getting to know more kind, curious, and passionate humans.

Guidelines to keep in mind before you join a Conscious Conversation:

Empathize & Learn

  • Remember that we all have something to learn, and something to teach.
  • Bring a beginner's curiosity. Strive to understand where others are coming from physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Be open to different perspectives.
  • Listen fully and take in what others are saying, even when you aren’t the focal point of the discussion. There is something to learn in every moment.

Be Authentic & Open

  • Share your true self.
  • If you feel yourself reacting...pause, notice what's coming up for you, and respond thoughtfully.
  • Don’t fear vulnerability.
  • Admit if you don’t know how to answer a specific question.

Be Mindful

  • Welcome the pause - use it as time to breathe, digest what's been shared so far, and give space for each individual in your group to contribute.
  • Be mindful of timing - try not to "hog the mic" so that everyone has time to share.
  • Be present - do your best to eliminate distractions in your digital and physical space.
  • Know that everything shared during Conscious Conversations is confidential.

Be Kind & Respectful

  • Set aside your judgements as much as possible.
  • Listen for the (at least) 10% you can agree with in what someone else is saying.
  • Celebrate others through body language, Zoom reactions, or verbal acknowledgement.

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