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Private residence in Grass Valley Ca

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Sensuous Society Proudly Presents: All the Demos!

“All The Demos” offers an unusual opportunity to observe, experience, and learn from a variety of small scenes in a safe and welcoming space.

Are you just beginning to explore the world of kink and not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re an experienced kinkster who would like to see a professional demonstration and learn alternative techniques froma pro. Maybe you have a new partner, and you'd like them to see a wide variety of play as they develop their enthusiasm for BDSM.
Or perhaps you just love to volunteer for demos.

Whatever your interest, whatever your experience, Max’s “All The Demos” event offers something for everyone, in a safe and welcoming space.

This event has run for 25 months in Seattle, and has become something of an institution there. He's delighted to take it on the road and deliver it to you.

* How it works
Doors open 30 minutes before the event so you can check in and get settled. At that time you'll have an opportunity to cast three votes on the activity board to weigh in on which activities will be demoed. There's often some discussion about what the activities are, and some bargaining for votes amongst the attendees. This provides an easy opportunity to meet and mingle with the other attendees.

Max will generally seed the board with a handful of favorites. Got something you're especially curious about? Go ahead and add it to the board. Recent demos have included:
- Rope Bondage
- Electrical toys like violet wands, ErosTek units and stun guns
- Needles / temporary piercing
- Pressure points
- Floggers
- Singletail whips
- Canes
- D/S and service dynamics
- Leather bondage like cuffs, hoods and sleepsacks
- Metal bondage like cuffs and chains
- Erotic hypnosis
- Breath play
- Zippers
- Spanking
- Pet play

Once we gather in the "dungeon", we'll start out with an overview of scene dynamics and a discussion about negotiation and consent, especially as it relates to the demos you'll see / participate in.

During the event you'll have opportunities to volunteer for a demo with Max.

Each demo includes a negotiation, a mini-scene, and some time to debrief and ask questions immediately after the demo. This is an amazing opportunity to witness a scene from start to finish, and to interact with the participants in ways that would not be appropriate in a public dungeon or at a party.

This workshop assumes no previous experience and we welcome all genders, orientations and experience levels. You can bring a partner or a group of friends, but many of our attendees come solo, which is completely comfortable and appropriate.

If you cannot attend this workshop, want a deeper experience, or wish to pursue more specific training, Max also offers private coaching for individuals, couples and groups.


**An important message from Melissa Mango of Sensuous Society**

I am pretty giddy about what's coming up in Oct. with an amazing guest presenter from Seattle!

but first, I have some delicate yet important things to share with all of you because I want to nip any rumors in the ass.

Because these are public events, If you click “I am going” to any of these event w/ Max Cameron as the instructor, friend him on FB or FetLife- you will most likely be contacted by an individual who has several fake email addresses and hides behind empty FetLife profiles. This person has made it her full time job to refuse any sort of resolution or conscious way of dealing with such an important issue and instead sabotage his events, contact attendees and hosts and has caused quite a stir in our community. She has succeeded in having Max being kicked out of suspended animation for example. The committee was not in agreement and some members were very upset with this action to remove Max and felt it was unfair and not right.
If she reaches you, she will want to tell you that Max is a predator and a consent violator and will share links of these groups.
As an event coordinator in this community, I take this very seriously and I decided to do my own research and had meetings with some important folks to find out the whole story.

I have known Max for a few years now and have relationships with some of his partners, play partners, and other community members in the scene. I have spent time with him in many different settings; socially, as a student of his classes, as a guest in his home, as an organizer for his workshops and in kink play / personal instruction. I haven't seen this inappropriate behavior or consent violations she speaks about. I want it to also be clear that I am sensitive to her experience she is reflecting yet am concerned as to why all the stories are being spread with no real backup and no interest in a resolution when given the chance.
I think it is important to add that she was an ex partner of his that was sharing letters of appreciation for awhile after the separation and at some point seemed to shift her tune. We can only speculate as to why.
These letters may be shared publicly at some point.
The accusations do not match the character and integrity of the person I have come to know, care for and deeply respect. Her persistence in spreading stories yet refusing to go to neither neutral authorities nor come to a resolution concerns me. Max has addressed the allegations in an open letter on Facebook posted below and has also offered mediation with the support of other key members in the community. She has refused. This is a complex and delicate matter that we as a community are doing our best to find her some sort of peace and truth for all.…

I encourage you to come to the cocktail meet and greet, and workshops, if the topic interests you, and form your own opinion.
I am honored to host Max here in our community and am very excited for the material!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this matter, Max and I are both available.

Sincerely, Melissa

Date and Time


Private residence in Grass Valley Ca

Location given with ticket purchase

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