Concealed Carry


This course is taught in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Kansas Attorney General and the Kansas legislature. It satisfies the minimum training necessary to obtain your state concealed carry permit. This class is 8+ hours in length and ha

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Organizer of Concealed Carry
Knapp Weaponry LLC is a federally licensed firearms dealer, store, education center and pistol range located in Wichita, Kansas. We carry both new and used firearms in store as well as a vast orderable selection through our wholesaler. Knapp offers many services beyond our selection of fine firearms. We run regular classes in weapons handling, self-defense, concealed carry and security. We also have a gunsmith on site available to provide cleaning, repairs or cosmetic modifications on request. Our state of the art range is available during regular store hours for handguns, rifles and shotguns. We hope to see you soon! Train - Practice - Repeat