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       The Ambassadors at Wildlife in Need, Inc. extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to all who participated in our Summer Fundraisers. Please stay tuned to the Wildlife in Need, Inc. FaceBook Page for future activities of interest!


        Imagine the opportunity to be up close and personal with one of the world's most endangered and endearing species for about 30 minutes in a large group setting.  We tend to care about that which we can experience and what better way to educate the public on the plight of animals on this planet. These cubs were born in captivity and will live their lives in captivity because what many do not understand is that there is no wild left. The tigers living wild in their native lands are in constant danger from humans. Quite simply, tigers are worth more money dead than alive.  It is estimated tiger's will be extinct in the wild by the time today’s 1st graders graduate high school. Wildlife in Need offers you the opportunity to meet Ambassadors from this species in an attempt to educate the public toward the greater good of preservation of the species.  Bring your cameras because photos will be a welcome part of this ‘hands on’ experience.  At the end of the show, have a tiger posed in your arms for $20.00 cash with as many people as you want per sitting with a two camera maximum.  No request taken based on color of the tiger baby.  We alternate the use of the cubs determined by their moods. 


Come have a good time in a seated room and interact with some exotic animals up close and personal with the handlers.  Very educational and fun!!! There are about a dozen Ambassadors willing to participate in this activity, and most of those will be presented during each session. Animal Ambassador's will be determined by their mood at the time of each session. Since their needs come first, we cannot say which will participate in advance of each session. Bring your cameras because photos will be a welcome part of this experience. Buy these tickets before or after the Tiger Baby Playtime tickets, or, you can buy these tickets on on the day of the show if space is available.  At the end of the show, be posed with an Exotic Animal Ambassador for $10.00 cash per ambassador and you may have multiple ambassadors $10.00 per each one and have  as many people as your want per sitting with a 2 camera maximum.  Animal Ambassadors  to be determined by animal handlers.  No special requests.

Exotics Collage


        A nominal fee is added to each ticket price by EventBrite. Please be advised this ticket is nonrefundable and is valid only at the session specifiedOne admission price covers all ages.  This ticket entitles the bearer to enjoy Tiger Baby Playtime or Exotic Animal Encounters in a group setting for about 30 minutes. Each ticket has a unique identifier. Bearer may print this ticket or show an image on a mobile device. Use of this ticket in either fashion relieves Wildlife in Need, Inc. of any liability for injury incurred while on our premises. Attendees agree to act in accordance with staff directions when in proximity to our Ambassadors and may be escorted from our premises for failure to do so. Should a cancellation be necessary, please contact us at so others can enjoy the session. We will thank you for your tax deductible donation to Wildlife in Need, Inc., as this ticket is nonrefundable.


        Wildlife in Need, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of native species as well as the provision of permanent safe harbor to an array of Ambassadors from exotic and endangered species. Financial support for this mission comes 100% from public generosity--- your generosity. All donations to our facility are tax deductible and these funds are utilized for the nutritional, medicinal, animal housing facilities and enrichment needs of our Ambassadors. Thank you for your support! 

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