Infographic: EDM Fans Are Not Your Average Music Fan

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) continues to take the world by storm. To better understand the movement and evolving electronic culture, Eventbrite, who quadrupled the gross ticket sales of EDM events this year and sold EDM tickets in 28 countries, conducted a detailed study of music fans. Our research uncovered key differences in behavior and trends between dance and non-dance fans around the globe.

Check out our findings in this infographic, EDM by the Numbers, for new insights about EDM fan behavior and how to connect with these fans:

  • * 61% of EDM fans plan to attend more EDM events next year.
  • * 53% would pay to see their favorite artist perform live in a streaming online concert.
  • * EDM fans are twice as likely as other music fans to want to attend an event when their friends post on social media.

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