Social Networking — Perfect for Conferences

Pathable integrates with Eventbrite to make it easy for you to create a social network for your event. With Pathable, your attendees are automatically invited to join a community of attendees, facilitating networking and interaction between attendees before, during and after your event.


How it works: Set up your event with Eventbrite and with Pathable as you normally would. When you’re ready to invite your attendees into the Pathable community, visit your Host Dashboard and click Ticketing. Enter your Eventbrite credentials, choose your event from the list and click Save and you’re ready to go.

Q: Does it cost extra to take advantage of Pathable’s integration with Eventbrite?A: No, there is no extra charge from either Eventbrite or Pathable to take advantage of this integration.

Q: What if attendees don’t want their profiles shown in the community? A: Pathable communities are “opt-in”. Attendees will be sent an invitation immediately upon registration, but their profiles won’t be displayed to the other attendees unless and until they accept the invitation.

Q: What fields are carried over from Eventbrite to Pathable? A: By default, Pathable will import the name, title, organization and e-mail address for the attendees. You may choose to have additional fields mapped over, as well.