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Email Marketing — Perfect for Non-profits and Fundraisers

Zoho Campaigns integrates with Eventbrite and enables you to send an invitation of your event, increase your ticket sales and promote events ultimately publicizing your event through email marketing. Eventbrite users can integrate their account with Zoho Campaigns and can add their events to your email campaigns.Before creating a Eventbrite campaign, make sure that you've integrated your Eventbrite account with Zoho Campaigns.

How to connect your Eventbrite and Zoho accounts:

  1. Once you connect Eventbrite and Zoho Campaigns, you can easily select any of your events to be added to your campaigns. Once the Authorization of account is done, go to Email Campaigns tab, Click Advanced Campaigns option.
  2. Click New Eventbrite Campaignand enter the required details such as Eventbrite Name, Subject, etc.
  3. Select the Eventfrom the dropdown list. You can view your events created in Eventbrite account.
  4. Select one of our specially designed Eventbrite templatesfor sending the invite to your mailing list.
  5. Once it is done, please select a Campaign theme which matches your template design and also select a list of contacts to send the Eventbrite Campaign.

Now, the campaign will be sent for review and after review, you can send the Eventbrite Campaign.

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