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Radario Analytics & CRM

Syncs Attendees

CRM — Perfect for Music

Get a complete picture of your events and increase the effectiveness of online event marketing campaigns!

Radario Marketing Platform - is an analytics and marketing automation extension for Eventbrite.

It consists of several great tools, including powerful event-tailored CRM with wide customer segmentation capabilities, easy to use mail automation, Facebook remarketing, based on your audience portrait and insights and many other tools, that could help you to:

  • Find out who your most loyal audience is
  • Figure out how often they are coming back to your events
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns to increase re-purchasing rate and customer engagement

To get access to the Radario Marketing Platform, follow these steps:

  • Visit radario.cс
  • Press "Sign in" button 
  • Grant the access to your account to the "Radario  Marketing Platform" app 
  • Follow the pop-up instructions 
  • Get ready to reach a new level of your event marketing and visitors engagement! :)

Feel free to ask any questions to our support team via email -

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