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SFER IK Museion is a cultural project composed of two museums located in Quintana Roo in southeastern Mexico: SFER IK Tulum and SFER IK Francisco Uh May. The project also comprehends artists' residencies, an academy, and a series of artisan workshops whose pedagogical and production processes are led by SFER IK Museion.

Through SFER IK Museion, we want to present a platform where all art-related processes (including learning, exchange, creation, production, and exhibition) occur in a single space, becoming a cultural project that fosters sustainability, innovative creativity, and interculturality.

The following themes inspire our exhibition and educational programmings:

The relationship between art and nature

The relationship between art and humanity

The relationship between art and the ancestral knowledge and techniques of native communities

We welcome you to experience the connection between the arts and nature in an awe-inspiring architectural landscape that will captivate your mind, body, and spirit.