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Madison Community Discourse

Madison Community Discourse is an art and philosophy based community development project based in Madison, Wisconsin.

For any place to be successful, people must feel like they belong, but they can play an active role in its development and management.  Community engagement and empowerment is vital for sustainable and lasting change.

We respond to our city’s needs.  MCD cultivates social capital to provide a platform for individuals to engage with each other, their communities, and larger social issues.

We are creative placemakers – inviting neighbors to help shape their city’s future.  We are exploring how people see, understand, experience, and transforming where we live, how we work, and what we dream.

We encourage discourse as a social practice.   Through interviews and community workshops, diverse groups share common experiences, hear new perspectives, and understand each other better.

We impact our community by using art as a method of expression, creativity, social justice, and wellbeing.

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