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K2C2 Coaching Communities


K2C2 is a Community of Practice Created Just for YOU!

Thank you for your interest in "Katie and Karyn's Coaching Communities", facilitated by Katie Anderson & Karyn Ross.

K2C2 is a learning forum in which we create connected, online communities to help each other practice, learn and grow so that we can become better coaches and leaders! We call it "K2C2" or "Katie & Karyn's (or Karyn & Katie's) Coaching Communities". 

If you’re interested in creating a cooperative, collaborate learning community, K2C2 is the place for you! There’s no application or selection process. Everyone is welcome. We practice "right sized pricing" so don't let your budget get in the way of joining us. 

Upcoming cohort dates can be found linked to our organizer profile.

For more information about Katie and Karyn, visit our websites: