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Grow Remote is a non-profit organization which originated in Ireland. It was founded in Sept 2018 by a group of people who wanted to help repopulate and revitalize their rural areas. 
Our main goals are:
  1. Help people (individuals) find full-time remote jobs online
  2. Help employers (companies) adapt to the remote working culture
  3. Build a community that will support both talents and companies so everyone can work remotely in harmony.
We are hoping that by achieving these 3 things we will be able to slowly normalize remote working that in a few years, there will be no such thing. Remote work will just be work - like any other.
Education is our top priority. Teaching people the differences between remote work, freelancing and entrepreneurship and educating people what does "Remote work" or "Flexible work" or "Distributed teams" are and many other things that might be confusing to people who have never worked online before.
And for those of you who are looking into while working remotely and those who want to normalize remote and flexible work in this country, come join our FB community here:

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