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Dawn Bower, IBCLC, CLE


Dawns path:

Dawn Bower's path to becoming a breastfeeding advocate began in 1983 with the birth of the first of her six children.  Nursing all of them through challenges and for various lengths of time has given her insight into real life breastfeeding, not just words and instructions from a how-to manual.  Seeing not only the obvious benefits of breastfeeding, but also the risks of not breastfeeding she quickly became an advocate on her own, sharing insights and encouragement with other pregnant and breastfeeding moms.  Dawn set her sights on becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 1998.  The first step was becoming an Accredited La Leche League Leader in 2002.  She then attended UCLA Extension and received her Lactation Educator Certificate in 2006.   While working at Antelope Valley Hospital with the local WIC Program, Dawn took and passed the IBCLC exam in 2009.   Dawn now works part-time at a Southern CA. Baby Friendly hospital and runs her own Lactation Consultant office.  Dawn still maintains her ties to La Leche League and volunteers with Breastfeed LA.

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