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You know better than anyone: planning events is stressful. We want to make your life easier with cutting-edge event technology that simplifies your workflow — and helps you grow your business. Hundreds of thousands of event professionals use Eventbrite to plan, promote, and manage more than two million events each year.

Eventbrite Ratings

Want to know what other companies are saying about Eventbrite's customer service and product offerings? Here are a few noteworthy reviews of Eventbrite:

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    The crowd rates us 4.6 out of 5.0

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    We are a G2 crowd leader for Spring 2017.

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    We are top rated on Capterra out of hundreds of reviews.

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    We are top rated on TrustRadius

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Eventbrite Security and Privacy

Positive ratings and reviews are great, but your privacy is our top priority. Here are some details on Eventbrite’s trustworthiness and security.

Eventbrite vs Our Competitors

While there are certainly alternatives to Eventbrite out there, no other solution provides the flexibility, ease of use, and powerful analytics to help you sell more tickets or registrations and grow your events. Here’s what makes us stand out:

Eventbrite has unparallelled global scale.

    – Eventbrite brings the world together through live experiences.

    – We processed more than three million tickets per week in 2017.

Eventbrite is fueling the growth of a large, lucrative market.

    – We help drive additional sales through our marketplace, enabling tens of millions of people to discover and easily get tickets to a wide variety of live experiences every year.

    – Our rich 11-year history of building a simple, self-service technology solution has laid the strong foundation that no other ticketing company can compete with.

Eventbrite brings constant innovation to an industry rife with high ticketing fees, poor consumer experiences, and fraud.

    – We have a 250+ person engineering, product and design team who come to work every day to ensure our platform delivers the best experience for our customers and their attendees.

    – We believe technology is the answer to many of the inefficiencies and pain points that still plague the business of live experiences today – from event discovery, to ticketing, fraud prevention, onsite operations, sales, marketing, and closing the books.

Eventbrite gives you superior ticketing, registration and onsite technology solutions.

    – What started more than a decade ago as a simple, self-service technology solution to democratize ticketing, with a mission of bringing the world together through live experiences.

    – Eventbrite was built on a strong foundation of usability that no other ticketing company can compete with, and the value of this simplicity has not diminished as the product has become more sophisticated.

Eventbrite offers a robust ecosystem that allows people to seamlessly integrate the technology they already love to use.

    – We invested in opening up our API early – back in 2008 – and that decision was critical in attracting the 100+ partners we have on Eventbrite Spectrum today. It is completely open and accessible for the best technology companies to build on top of.

    – We work with a broad and diverse array of partners, from best-in-class business technology platforms like Salesforce and Mailchimp, to rich discovery environments like Bandsintown and Facebook.

Eventbrite is about reaching new audiences wherever they are online, selling more tickets, and improving the end-to-end ticket fulfilment process.

    – We created a rich marketplace where over 50 million people come each year to discover the live experiences they love, AND we can ensure tickets to those events also appear at other natural points of discovery like Facebook, and Bandsintown.

    – Distributed commerce allows people to seamlessly purchase tickets within the environment they discovered the event – without ever having to visit another site – right down to presenting them with a bar code for show entry.