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Eventbrite's cutting-edge webinar platform gives you the built-in tools to easily create, promote, and host engaging and informative online experiences.

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Webinars represent cost-effective, impactful virtual experiences that help demonstrate your value proposition.

Join millions of fellow event creators using Eventbrite’s virtual events platform to build and host exclusive online experiences that engage, educate, and entertain.


Elevate the entire virtual experience for webinar guests

When you use Eventbrite’s virtual event toolkit to create a webinar that leaves a lasting impression, your attendees will benefit from a seamless experience.

From registration and ticketing to online check-in and conducting in-event breakout sessions, attendees can focus on the interactive experience and educational value of the content in the moment.


Work smarter (not harder) with proven best practices

Save valuable time and resources, (and potential headaches) by using our event management software, empowering streamlined workflows and simplified processes.

Stop sweating the small details and dedicate more time to providing interactive agenda items for your guests.


Boost your webinar performance with data-driven decisions

Focus your budget on what's working — and leave behind what’s not — with Eventbrite’s intuitive reporting capabilities.

Easily measure your key metrics with actionable performance insights. Customizable reports available in our online webinar platform are simple to set up, run, and automate.

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Wondering how Eventbrite can help improve the impact of your marketing and promotional efforts, boost attendance, and generate optimal revenue streams? We can help with all of that and more.

  • Choose from a reliable suite of solutions and seamless integrations in our webinar platform, like Zoom-powered video streaming for your events. Unlock new online audiences, generate new revenue streams, and keep your audience engaged and excited.

  • Build an eye-popping webinar page that is engaging, unique, and looks great on any smart device.

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The basics you need to get started with webinar registration in minutes.

Fee per paid ticket: 2% + $0.79

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: 1


The full set of tools you need to create, manage, and grow your webinars.

Fee per paid ticket: 3.5% + $1.59

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: Unlimited


Tailored partnerships for event pros with large or complex events.

Fee per paid ticket: Custom Pricing

Fee per free ticket: Free

Ticket types: Unlimited

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up paid webinars on Eventbrite?

How do I create a webinar registration page?

    Creating an easy-to-use registration form and event page is just as easy as posting any other event on Eventbrite. Just enter your event's details, and then you can register guests, promote your event with innovative digital marketing campaigns, sell tickets, and more. You can even email your guests a link to join the event when it's about to start.

What are some of the key elements recommended to successfully create a webinar?

    • A highly specific webinar topic is going to attract and engage your target audience.
    • Premium content delivers unique value. Providing an exclusive experience requires highly informative and educational presentations.
    • Prioritize an online platform that is proven, reliable, and features interactive tools that elevates the experience for attendees.
    • Extend the value of your webinar with a virtual course or certification that maintains engagement.

How do I sell tickets to my webinar?

    Our powerful webinar platform provides the registration and ticketing tools to help you develop a smarter pricing strategy, elevating the discernable value of your online event. Just like a live, in-person event, paid webinars offer multiple ticket types and discounts to cater to different segments of your audience.

    We have also launched a new-and-improved integration with Zoom to make selling tickets to your webinars easier than ever. Of course, selling tickets isn't the only way to monetize your webinar.

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