Social Distancing Tools for Events

Eventbrite’s built-in tools allow you to quickly get your business up-and-running with social distancing and safety measures in mind.

Eventbrite has the tools to help you implement social distancing measures.

Quickly set up an event with safety measures in mind. Here are some of the tools Eventbrite can provide to help you control space capacity, provide contactless ticketing and payments, and gather vital attendee information.


Timed entry

Generate timed entry slots to stagger attendees at your event and provide the room for social distancing.


Contactless ticketing

Sell tickets online before your event, and use our app for contactless on-site payment and check-in.


Contact tracing

Gather attendee information before the event starts to help with contact tracing should it be needed.

Time Slots for Social Distancing

Control and limit the flow of people through your doors and reduce on-site contact with Eventbrite’s built-in tools.

  • Pre-event ticketing and registration makes it easy for attendees to know exactly when to show up and avoid long lines and contact with staff.
  • Limit the number of people at your event or attraction on any given day with capacity-setting capabilities.
  • Stagger attendee arrival and limit time at your event by generating timed entry slots with Eventbrite’s repeating events feature.

Contactless Ticketing and Payment Solutions

Sell tickets in advance online and use our Organizer app to create a comfortable, contactless environment for your attendees.

  • Quickly and easily move your ticketing online to reduce on-site contact with Eventbrite’s easy-to-use registration system.
  • Accept onsite payments via the Organizer app to limit contact with your staff.
  • Limit the number of people at your event or attraction on any given day with capacity-setting capabilities.
  • Maintain social distancing with contactless check-in right from your smartphone.

Collect Attendee Info for Contact Tracing

Should it be needed, Eventbrite can help you collect and manage attendee info for contact tracing efforts post-event.

  • Get the customer info you need for contact tracing before your event with custom forms.
  • Track which attendees have come to your event or attraction with Eventbrite’s convenient Organizer app.
  • Know who will be in attendance in advance with online ticketing and registration.
  • Use Eventbrite's built-in email campaigns feature to keep in touch with attendees before and after your event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask checkout questions for contact tracing purposes?

    You can ask attendees custom questions with our order forms to get their information before they arrive.

How do I set up time slots on Eventbrite?

How do I provide contactless check-in at my event?

How can I limit the number of attendees at my venue?

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