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Promoted Listings on Eventbrite

Reach more people. Sell more tickets.

Market your event to new audiences

  • target

    Target event goers based on location, behavior, and more

  • eye

    Boost visibility of your event on Eventbrite

  • pay

    Only pay for impressions served

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Target event goers on location, behavior, and more

Set up targeting parameters based on city, event category, or search keywords, to ensure your event is seen by people most likely to be interested in your event.

Ads are served based on consumer relevancy. Event-goers see personalized promoted events based on a match between the targeting parameters you set, and their behavior on Eventbrite.

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Boost visibility of your event on Eventbrite

Pay for premium promotion on Eventbrite's homepage and directory pages within the cities you've specified

Promoted Listings are totally native and have the same save and share functionality as standard event cards

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Only pay for impressions served

During campaign set-up, specify your campaign budget, start date, and end date. Pay your marketing campaign budget with a credit card. You'll only be charged for the impressions served.

Track your campaign's impressions and clicks directly within the Eventbrite extension. You can stop, edit, or extend your campaign at any time.

Ready to set up your campaign?

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We also offer paid placement in our attendee newsletters. Check out the resources below for more information, and click "Request placement" to place your order.

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