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Case Study | Dance 411

How Dance 411 Manages Thousands of Students at the “Studio of the Stars”


Dance 411 is one of the most famous dance education and entertainment organizations in the country. Located in Atlanta, GA, their exclusive space has been dubbed the “Studio of the Stars”, and has hosted auditions and rehearsals for popular shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Their famous dancers and choreographers are behind the scenes or in front of the camera on everything from national Disney commercials and major motion pictures to NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and the MTV Video Music Awards.

Thanks to their star-studded pedigree, people come to Dance 411 from all over the country to learn dance, get fit, and get discovered. So many, in fact, that staff often has to turn students away.  Each week, thousands of people walk through their doors in hopes of attending one of their classes. To handle the influx of students and hundreds of classes they host, Dance 411 needed an event management solution as flexible as their dancers.

To streamline their system and keep students happy, Dance 411 needed to:

> Create a seamless process for drop-in classes

> Reduce wait times for check-in and new student registration

> Enhance the guest experience at large performances and recitals

Managing a packed schedule of drop-in classes

The majority of the classes at Dance 411 are open to the public, so it’s important that people can find classes online. Most dance studios require students to register with their software before they gain access to class offerings, which can deter sign-ups. Thanks to Eventbrite, aspiring students can find Dance 411 classes at the top of their Google search results and browse the schedule with ease. These features not only enable the team to publicly manage a large number of students, they allow dancers to drop in and take different classes for a spin.






“If I was starting a dance studio right now, I would tell you that you have to get on Eventbrite to expose yourself to more walk-in traffic.”

ED SCHNEIDER, Co-owner, Dance 411

Checking in students at the studio door

In the past, hoards of people waiting to check in at the front desk created a bottleneck at the entrance of the dance studio. First-time students had to wait in line to fill out a waiver at one station before heading to another where staff took payments manually. Now with Eventbrite, Dance 411 students can go online to sign up, fill out their waiver, and pay all in one go. When they get to the studio, they can check in at the door in seconds and bypass the front desk, saving staff endless hours of tedious work. The team rarely has to swipe credit cards at the front door anymore—and dancers can skip right to class.

“We try to use every new [Eventbrite] feature that comes out. We’re so busy with many thousands of people walking through our door every week, we just have to have a way of managing them.”

ED SCHNEIDER, Co-owner, Dance 411

Improving the guest experience at performances and recitals

Several times per year, Dance 411 hosts large adult and kids dance recitals and performances where students show off the moves they’ve learned to family and friends. Depending on the recital, 200-600 people typically show up for these events, and many of these events utilize assigned seating.  Eventbrite’s Reserved Seating feature allows the event team to create custom floor plans, and guests to choose their own seats online. Dance 411 was even able to increase revenue with tiered seating prices and a VIP section in the front row that guests can bid on.

To hold onto their title as the “Studio of the Stars”, Dance 411 knew they needed an event management solution that allowed their thousands of students to easily drop in and register for classes and performances. Eventbrite has helped them stay one step ahead with smooth check-in and registration to keep their students happy.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can partner with Eventbrite to get your entertainment organization up and dancing, fill out the form below or call us at 855-292-7905.

All photos taken by: Dance 411

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About Dance 411

Dance 411 in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most famous and recognized dance education and entertainment organizations in the USA. Featured on television networks as TLC, Lifetime, VH1, MTV, Bravo, The Food Network and BET… Rolling Out Magazine describes Dance 411's local dance studio as the "Studio of the Stars". Entertainment industry choreographers for major motion pictures, television and award shows, and background dancers for the major pop, hip-hop and R&B artists rehearse, train and perform at this exclusive studio. Dance 411 Studios offers access to Atlanta dance classes and private instruction in everything from hip-hop to pole dancing. To learn more or check out a class, visit their website at, or visit them on social media at:, and