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Online Global Webinar and Tele-Class

Los Angeles, CA 90048

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Hello Author,

Your ambition of writing and publishing your book before years-end is nothing if not a lifelong challenge waiting to be conquered…

… With a million simple details that morph into disasters if you get hit with procrastination and over complicating the steps.

And of course, your inspiration and creativity is at the top of the list for becoming a nightmare when things go wrong.

In fact, there’s nothing worse than a sudden lack of focus or a complete writing block… but of course, only when you set your goal to finish your book!

And it’s surprising how quickly those little screw ups mount into a huge challenge and the reason some authors take years to finish their book.

It’s like buying an expensive car and 3 days later, when a thunderstorm hits, the wipers don’t work!

Suddenly you wonder if you can trust ANYTHING about the vehicle:

“If they can’t even get THAT right, what else should I be worrying about?”

That’s why getting all your book writing worries OUT so you can reach clarity is like being released from prison…

… Because these escalating challenges hold most authors hostage.

They’re like a hand grenade with the pin pulled… you never know when they’re going to blow!

Sure, those analogies may be a little extreme, except when the creativity block happens at the worst possible moment, and you’re suddenly completely frozen in your tracks.

So here’s a solution that releases you from these obstacles so you can do what you're best at…expressing your authentic views, captivating your target reader, and storytelling.

In other words…

Sign up to be part of our team and later decide if it´s the right fit for you!

That’s right, we are launching on September 26 and there are only a few spots left:

With our unconditional guarantee, meet your teammates, start the assignments, attend the first few Group Coaching calls, and then...

Conclude if this environment will help you meet your goal and have your book finished in just 2 short months.

If not just simply send an email to the digital bank that processes the orders and you'll be 100% refunded with no questions asked.


Once you experience the power of making life changing commitments and reach the goal in record time, your attitude to all big challenges will change.

You will feel an inner confidence that reflects on everything you do.

But I warn you.

This offer is ADDICTING.

It’s like going from an ancient computer where it takes 45 seconds just to load a Word document…

… To a new solid state drive where it takes only 10 seconds to boot up from OFF to 100% fully functioning.

There’s really no comparison.

You have NO risks and absolutely everything to GAIN.

Click here and let's meet during the Webinar.

Expect a big celebration with your teammates when we hit our mark and complete our books!

Your friend and book writing coach,

Debbi Dachinger

P.S. It's been a pleasure communicating with you and expect you got all your questions answered.

Can't wait to see your proud expression when we hit our target and you're left with a compelling page-turner ready to transform the lives of your reader.

The time is now...

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Date and Time


Online Global Webinar and Tele-Class

Los Angeles, CA 90048

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