Workshop: Pitch with the Precision, Emotion, and Connection of a TED talk

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Galvanize SF - The Theatre

44 Tehama St

San Francisco, CA 94105

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Galvanize is the premier dynamic learning community for technology. Our community is where people and companies with the guts and smarts to create real-world change congregate and inspire each other. Across our 7 beautifully designed urban campuses, we offer a unique combination of education, workspace and networking.

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Pitch with the Precision, Emotion, and Connection of a TED talk

Workshop Date / Time: Feb 5th, 5:30-7:30pm evening workshop

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About this workshop:

Today’s Founders, Leaders, and Marketing Managers must have a business development mindset for all their presentations, conversations, and interviews. Each speaking opportunity can generate money, support, and reputation for your organization. The key is always being prepared to present to investors, business partners, prospective team members, and journalists.

What are the specific skills we can borrow from successful TED presenters? They deliver their pitches with precision, emotion, and connection. Precision allows the the presenter to effectively educate the audience. Emotion allows the presenter to demonstrate their commitment and passion. Connection allows the presenter to earn the support of their audience.

In this interactive workshop, you will develop these three presentation skills so that you can deliver your pitches with precision, emotion and connection. These skills will help you consistently deliver pitches that generate more money, support, and positive reputation from your audiences.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Deliver presentations with precision to optimize learning

  • Deliver presentations with emotion to ignite audience interest

  • Establish and maintain a solid connection with your audience

  • Create a connection between your audience and your vision

  • Answer your audience’s 3 most important questions

  • Clearly identify the outcomes (ROI) from your conversations

  • Learn about “The 5 presentations” used for all high stakes opportunities

  • Build a solid foundation of messages to support every high stakes conversation.

Target Audience

  • Founders, leaders and marketing managers who are responsible for giving external presentations with the objective of generating funding, support, and positive company reputation.

  • Company leaders who give internal presentations to gain support from their team and from other departments

Workshop Schedule:

  • Introduction (5m)

  • Presentation ROI (15m)

  • Connection Triangle (30m)

  • Message Blueprint (40m)

  • Message Portfolio (20m)

  • Summary (10m)

Meet Your Instructors:

Anthony Lee is the founder of the Heroic Voice Academy. He and his team of executive communications coaches have prepared founders and leaders for investor presentations, TEDx events, conference keynotes, and media interviews. As an early team member of VeriSign, he prepared his international team of sales engineers to successfully present to non-technical stakeholders from corporate, government, and educational organizations

Find him on LinkedIn:

Sandy McClenahan is an executive communications coach with the Heroic Voice Academy. She coaches leaders to express authenticity in their presentations and in their careers. Sandy combines her career experiences in technology with her passion for writing and teaching to create exceptional coaching experiences for leaders and high potential employees.

Find her on LinkedIn:

Irma Romero is the director of culture at an the Heroic Voice Academy, and is an executive communications coach. For over 20 years, she has used accelerated learning strategies and experiential training methodologies to help professionals succeed in their licensing exams and high stakes presentations.

Find her on LinkedIn:

Sean Adams is the director of strategy at the Heroic Voice Academy, and is an executive communications coach. He uses his experience as a university professor, international speaker, best selling author and trainer to teach his clients how to explain complicated ideas using simple and easy to understand language. As an entrepreneur and strategist, Sean coaches leaders and executives how to see and communicate the big picture.

Find him on LinkedIn:


IMPORTANT: Please bring your existing presentations as you'll have an opportunity to make improvements during the workshop.

Download the workshop booklet “Presentation ROI”:

Introductory Workshop Price: Free

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Date and Time


Galvanize SF - The Theatre

44 Tehama St

San Francisco, CA 94105

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