Why creating a business that supports your Life matters?

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Campus Warsaw

33C Ząbkowska

03-736 Warszawa


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You’re a business owner- entrepreneur or you’re thinking of becoming one.

And everyone has some advice for you.

… You need to write a business plan, make a financial plan, make a marketing plan...

Now, this by itself is not bad advice ... It’s something all business owners should do to succeed.

But did you think about making a personal plan?

No? You’re not alone.

80% of people who start a business do so because they want to experience more freedom.

Ironically most business owners will never experience the freedom they dream of.


Because in today’s world entrepreneurs trade in their active time for money.

Most entrepreneurs want to grow their business.

But they haven't a clue how to grow, earn more and help people without working more hours.

Think about this for a moment...

Imagine you need to depart on a 3 month holiday to your favorite place. You can bring anything, but one thing is not allowed. Work.

You have 24 hours to prepare your company.

What will be left of your business when you return?

There might not much of a company left after 3 months without you ... That’s how much your business depends on your time.

Let me ask you another question: In all your planning, did you ever think to adjust your business to your personal life?

Have you become a SLAVE of your own business?

There’s a way to fix this.

But something needs to change.

The things you want to do, the things you want to experience, the freedom you want to have, your business should support this.

Your business should support your life, not dictate it.

So, if you want to grow your business and not have it depend so much on your time for income.

Then it starts with designing a plan for your personal life and business that allows you the freedom to leverage your time.

Take the first step to changing this by signing up for my FREE talk: Why Creating A Business That Supports Your Life Matters? at Google’s Innovation Campus for Central Europe in Warsaw.

This talk will last 90 minutes and will be split into 5 fundamental topics:

  • Why creating a personal life plan matters!

  • Why you should build business assets to stop trading time for money.

  • Why creating a Customer Journey is fundamental

  • Why selecting a different business model is key to become more free

  • Why you can only create a TEAM that supports you, by systemizing your business.

During the Why Creating A Business That Supports Your Life Matters? talk I will take you through the steps needed to create a plan and strategies on how to execute it.

Afterwards, I will invite you to ask me questions to elevate your understanding.

Join me and learn how to truly leverage your personal life and achieve the freedom you always wanted.

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Date and Time


Campus Warsaw

33C Ząbkowska

03-736 Warszawa


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