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Topics include:

Common Coating Terms

This session will cover terms commonly used in the coatings industry, split up into basic coating language, application terms, and names/descriptions of common problems. This presentation will lay the groundwork for all future presentations.

Corrosion Principles

This session covers the basic principles of corrosion and an introduction to coating composition.

Coating Composition

Coatings are comprised of many types of raw materials. This session explores the types of raw materials that are used in industrial coatings and the functions that they provide, providing a basic understanding that is useful for professionals in the coatings industry.

Generic Types of Coatings

This session will review the types of coatings used for corrosion protection, weathering and chemical exposure. The various chemistries used in each type will be discussed.

Concrete & Surface Preparation

Coating concrete presents many challenges that can wreak havoc on the coatings project. Understanding how to prevent or navigate these challenges is crucial to completing a successful job. Due to the relatively short working time of most concrete coatings, it is essential to understand these challenges before beginning coatings work on concrete.

Chemical Proofing Concrete & Coatings for High Performance Service

In both industrial and commercial environments, surfaces frequently come under attack by various chemicals that cause extensive corrosion on both steel and concrete. Protecting these substrates from these chemical attacks with various coatings helps to extend life cycle and improve the appearance of concrete. In this session, we'll explore the use of high performance coatings in critical service to help protect concrete and steel from aggressive conditions.

Surface Preparation of Steel

Surface Preparation of Steel: 75-80% of all premature failures in the industrial coating industry can be traced back to some form of inadequate surface preparation, so you want to ensure it’s right the first time. This session goes over the most commonly used joint standards required to properly prepare the steel, so you can ensure the product you're using performs for the duration of the intended service life.

Surface Tolerant Coatings/Overcoating

This session includes the potential rewards and risks of overcoating existing coatings compared to complete removal and replacement of existing coatings. We will discuss the recommended methods of evaluating existing coatings to determine if they are suitable for overcoating, the various surface preparation options, and the various types of coatings recommended to help ensure successful projects.

Weathering Finishes

The weathering of finishes is an integral part of how a coating system will perform. Film degradation related to UV exposure affects different types of coatings in myriad ways. Understanding how to evaluate and differentiate between the various types of coatings will give attendees the ability to make the best decisions around performance versus cost.

Testing of Coatings

This session will cover a broad spectrum of testing procedures and standards utilized to evaluate and rank industrial coatings.


This session covers coating inspection which is an extremely valuable part of any coatings-related as well as fireproofing-related project. Without any QA/QC or 3rd party inspection there would be no assurance that an owner’s or engineer’s specification requirements have been achieved or that an installed system will perform as tested or intended.

Making Coating Recommendations

In this session, we will discuss the important information required in making coating recommendations. We will discuss why these points are important and how they are used to make successful recommendations.

Common Coating Problems

In this session we review the most common types of coatings failures seen in industry, how to diagnose them, how to remedy them and how to prevent them. Common techniques in failure analysis are also discussed briefly.

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