Webinars: Creating the core conditions to enable reflection & learning to flourish in group supervision
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Webinars: Creating the core conditions to enable reflection & learning to flourish in group supervision

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Webinars: Creating the core conditions to enable reflection & learning to f...

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Webinar by Dr Alison Hodge

However confident a coach may feel going to meet their client, coming to group supervision may trigger all sorts of anxiety and tension at the thought of sharing their practice with a supervisor and with other colleagues in a group setting.

Family history, early school experiences, other group contexts all feed into how people come together in groups, especially learning groups. It is therefore vital that as supervisors we are aware and can attend to all the practical, professional and psychological elements that may impact on how coaches come into the group and how, as supervisors, we can build their confidence and fluency to make the most of this generative learning environment.

This participative workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore and engage in an active inquiry into how to create the safety and trust that will enable their supervisees to make the most of this powerful and exciting learning platform.

More about the Webinar

This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to explore how we create the safety and trust to enable our clients to bring all of themselves to our working alliance and subsequently maximize participation and learning.

We will explore how we get started. From the initial invitation to engage in supervision, to deciding whether to work together, the contact we have with supervisees and how we manage expectations before and as we start will all be considered.

Together we will look at what happens when we come together in the early stages of group supervision. It’s likely that we will address the following areas as we attend to the practical, professional and psychological elements that need to be addressed in the contracting process.

Content will include:

  • Setting the frame for generative, practice-based reflection and inquiry
  • How to explore people’s hopes and fears around learning and sharing their practice
  • Attending to personal and professional well-being
  • Adapting methods of case presentation to accommodate different learning styles
  • Normalizing without judgment the underlying anxieties many adults feel when they enter the supervision space and providing the space for them to share this
  • Using the webinar group’s process to inform what might be happening in the overall system

At the same time, attention may also be given to stages of group development and how this may impact on the supervisees’ engagement and participation.

My intention will be to model the process of creating these conditions and use our lived experience “in the room” to inform and give insight into how as supervisors we create the ideal conditions that will allow supervisees to engage, participate, share their practice and learn.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of how to attend to the different domains that we need to address in creating the safe space for reflection that is supervision.

Pre-Work: Participants may like to give some thought to the following questions in preparation for this webinar:

  • Consider how you personally show up in groups. What factors inform your behaviour and participation, particularly in the early stages? What has been characteristic of you in groups that you may like to change?
  • How does your own learning style inform your preferred approaches as group supervisor and how do you attend to the supervisees' learning styles when these may be different from your own

We will email the dial instructions a week prior to the webinar.

About Alison

Alison is an accredited Executive Coach at Master Practitioner level with EMCC and an accredited Executive Coaching Supervisor with APECS. She works globally as a coaching supervisor with individuals and groups of both internal and external executive coaches. She also teaches and supervises supervisors in training. She graduated with her Professional Doctorate in Coaching Supervision at Middlesex University in July 2014.

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GTM or ZOOM tbc

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