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In partnership with ScriptWarp Systems, the developers of WarpPLS software, we are presenting a 6-session Intermediate PLS-SEM using WarpPLS live, online webinar series. PLS-SEM is an acronym for partial least squares structural equation modeling, also called PLS path modeling and/or variance-based structural equation modeling.

Generally, this 6-session "hands-on" webinar series will demonstrate and explain how to use WarpPLS version 6.0 to: (1) Explore different applications of full latent growth; (2) Explore conditional probabilistic queries; (3) Understand and use effective second-order latent variable models; (4) Conduct and report both composite-based and factor-based (i.e. consistent) PLS-SEM analyses; (5) Test and control for endogeneity; (6) Understand and use more refined data imputation algorithms other than mean replacement; (7) Explore categorical-to-numeric and numeric-to-categorical conversion; (8) Explore power and minimum sample size requirements with PLS-SEM; and other contemporary intermediate topics.

The live webinar series will be presented in six weekly 90-minute online sessions from 11:30AM EST to 1:00PM EST on Fridays: November 9th 2018; November 16th 2018; December 7th 2018; December 21st 2018; January 4th 2019; and January 18th 2019. The audio and video for all of the live webinar sessions will be recorded and those recordings will be made available for permanent download by each registered webinar participant. Each participant who successfully completes the 6-session webinar series will also receive an Intermediate PLS-SEM using WarpPLS Certificate of Completion signed by both Dr. Ned Kock, the original developer of WarpPLS, and by Dr. Geoffrey Hubona, the instructor of this webinar series. Dr. Hubona has been teaching live and online PLS-SEM courses and webinars for more than 10 years.

WarpPLS, first introduced in 2009, is very powerful variance-based structural equation modeling software characterized by numerous unique estimation features not found in other available PLS-SEM software. WarpPLS can estimate non-linear bivariate SEM relationships among your data variables. WarpPLS can inform whether your data best approximates "S-shaped" (2nd order) curves, "U-shaped" (1st order) curves or strictly linear-fitting bivariate data relationships. Further, WarpPLS contains a powerful suite of graphical capabilities that enable one to render and visualize 3-D estimations of the SEM fits to your data to facilitate a rapid understanding of the multivariate relationships among your data variables. Other unique features of WarpPLS include latent growth model estimation, methods to control for endogeneity, and valid and reliable categorical-to-numeric variable value conversion, among many others.

The online 6-session webinar series will follow this prescribed format: Each live session will be conducted online by Dr. Hubona using webinar software that allows you to "see" Dr. Hubona's computer screen as he demonstrates, live, how to design, specify, implement, and execute various example-based PLS path models using real research data. The webinars will additionally instruct how to evaluate, assess, interpret and report (for publication) all of the estimated PLS path model parameters. At the conclusion of each live webinar session, a "hands-on, take-home" assignment will be provided for each participant to practice the skills taught in that individual webinar session. Additionally, each participant will be assigned to watch one or more YouTube videos prepared by Dr. Kock, in between the live webinar sessions, which also present relevant "hands-on" WarpPLS examples.

In addition to participating in the live Intermediate PLS-SEM using WarpPLS online webinar sessions, all participants will also receive: (1) a 3-month, no-cost license to use the fully-featured version of WarpPLS (most recent version 6.0); (2) all webinar series videos (with audio) for download; (3) all data and project (.prj) files utilized in the webinar series; (4) all slides and additional WarpPLS reading materials used in the webinar series; (5) Certificates of Completion for the WarpPLS webinar series; (6) two additional permanent, no-cost Udemy courses instructing on basic and intermediate conceptual foundations of PLS Path Modeling (see below).

All webinar materials are being prepared by Dr. Ned Kock and Dr. Geoffrey Hubona. Dr. Ned Kock, the developer of WarpPLS software, is the Killam Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Division of International Business and Technology Studies, A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business, Texas A&M International University. Dr. Kock has numerous publications relating to PLS-SEM, also known as PLS path modeling, and as variance-based SEM. Dr. Geoffrey Hubona is an Associate Professor of MIS at Texas A&M International University Dr. Hubona is also the published author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles utilizing PLS-SEM as the analytical technique. Dr. Hubona is also the author of dozens of research methods courses on the Udemy teaching platform, including 7 Udemy courses that directly teach various aspects of SEM. Currently, Dr. Hubona's Udemy courses have 18,550+ individual registered participants located in 152 countries around the world.

Until November 9th, we are offering a webinar registration opportunity for everyone. Anyone may register for the 6-session live, online Intermediate PLS-SEM Using WarpPLS webinar series for a registration fee of USD $125 total.

All early registrants will also be provided immediate no-cost and lifetime access to these 2 PLS-SEM courses on Udemy: (1) Conceptual Foundations of PLS Path Modeling; and (2) New Capabilities in PLS Path Modeling. These 2 Udemy courses, which will be permanently available to you, provide an additional 22 hours of video and exercise content relating to the basic and intermediate conceptual underpinnings of PLS Path Modeling. Each Udemy course also offers a Certificate of Completion (if you finish the course) from Udemy. There are no time limits for completing a course nor for earning your individual Udemy course Certificates.

Please note that we require a valid email address at registration so that we can immediately set up your access to the 2 additional PLS-SEM courses on Udemy. We do not share your email address with any other party.

Refund Information: Upon request, the event organizer (Dr. Hubona) will process a full refund (less $5 for processing) by postal mail until November 9th, provided that you have not registered in any of the 2 Udemy PLS-SEM courses before that time.

Thank you very much for participating !

Best, Geoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.

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