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Webber International University's 92nd Annual Commencement Exercises

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Sabbagh Athletic Center, Webber International University Main Campus

1201 North Scenic Highway

Babson Park, FL 33827

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This is a two part FAQ... one for graduates and one for their guests. Please be sure that you at least read the appropriate part.

Shortcut to this site: www.graduation.eventbrite.com

For every member of the Webber community, Graduation is the best day of the year.It allows us to formally celebrate the results of years of hard work.We want our graduates to know that we are very proud of each of you.Following are answers to some of our more frequently asked questions for both graduates and their guests.If you have additional questions, please ask.

This event is free, but tickets are required for guests. Webber employees who are required to attend graduation and students who are participating in the graduation ceremony do not require tickets; everyone else requires a ticket. Please be sure you add orders@eventbrite.com to your white list as tickets are emailed from this address (we do not mail tickets; they are emailed).

Both the commencement ceremony and the mandatory rehearsal are held in the Sabbagh Athletic Center located on the Webber International University campus.

To allow us to rent exactly the right number of chairs and prepare exactly the right amount of food (we want to accommodate everyone, but as a not-for-profit, we abhor waste), ticketing closes on Thursday May 2nd. This is our biggest graduation ever and will likely be standing room only. Because we want to make sure every graduate gets to bring at least some guests, we will hold 8 tickets per graduate until midnight April 30th, whereupon we will release all the tickets to whomever wants them (meaning that if someone wants 100 tickets and we still have them, they can get them at that time).

For Graduates

Q:I’m graduating in May…
A:Before you go any further, confirm with your academic advisor that this is the case (this is Lacy Edwards for traditional students and Billy Kayworth for adult completion students). All students should have completed a Graduation Application with their advisor prior to their last semester of attendance. The application is submitted to the Registrar who confirms requirements have been met. The graduation fee is charged to the student’s account at the beginning of the semester the student intends to graduate. Despite our best efforts to contact them, students (and their guests) have been known to show up at the ceremony to learn that they have not met requirements and are therefore not walking.If you do not meet the graduation requirements, you cannot participate in the ceremony.While we’re here to help, ultimately meeting all graduation requirements is the student’s responsibility.

Q:Okay, I’m going to go talk to my advisor, but, briefly, what are the requirements? A: Briefly, you must have successfully completed all of your coursework, or prove to the Registrar that you are registered for any courses necessary to complete all coursework by July. All University fees, including summer school fees if applicable, must be paid.If you have received any loans, Federal Law requires that you must present proof to the Financial Aid office that you have performed and passed Exit Counseling at https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action. If you do not meet the graduation requirements, you cannot participate in the ceremony.

Q:I’m not sure I want to walk.
A:Walk. It can be tough for families to put into words how much your achievement means to them.Trust us on this one.This is a big day for your family too.

Q:Where do I get my cap and gown? Where can I buy invitations?
A:The bookstore. Please do this sooner rather than later. Also, inspect and try on your cap and gown while there is time to get a replacement if something is wrong; mistakes do happen.

Q:When is graduation?
A:Friday, May 3rd You should plan on arriving by 5:00.

Q:What time is graduation?
A:Pomp and Circumstance plays and the triumphant graduation march begins at 6pm sharp.Graduation waits for no person. This means that you MUST be dressed in your regalia and lined up in proper order before 5:30pm.You should plan on arriving by 5:00.

Q: Is there a rehearsal?Do I have to go?
A: Yes, there is a mandatory rehearsal on Friday, May 3rd at 1:00pm.

Q:What do I wear?
A:Commencement marks one of life’s most important milestones.Consequently, it is the University’s most formal and most majestic event. Beneath their issued regalia (please pick this up early – it comes in a plastic bag and often needs to be pressed) men generally wear dark pants, dark dress shoes, shirt and tie; women generally wear a dark dress, neutral hosiery, and dark dress shoes.

Q: Will there be a professional photographer? Do I have to buy photos? Can my guests take their own photos?
A:Yes, there will be a professional photographer. No, you do not have to purchase photos.Yes, your guests can take their own photos but need to keep the aisles clear.

Q:Do my guests need a ticket? How many guests may I invite?
A:Yes, your guests require a free ticket. To insure that everyone gets to have at least some guests, you are limited to 8 guests. If there are remaining tickets, they will be released at 12:01am on Wednesday, May 1st, whereupon you can get all you want on a first come, first served basis while supplies left.

Q:Is there a reception?
A:Yes, a reception for all is held on the Grand Lawn overlooking the lake (indoord if it rains) immediately following the ceremony. A gift to the graduates from Sysco Central Florida, this reception is free, but your guests must have tickets so we can make the right amount of food.

Q:My name is pronounced differently than it is spelled.
A:Please see Mrs. Georgie O'Leary so that she can write it out phonetically and practice it.Graduation is a big deal, and we want to make sure that when it’s your moment, your friends and family hear your name proclaimed correctly.

Q:When will I get my diploma?
A:If you have met all requirements, it will be available on the stage immediately after the ceremony.If you have not yet met all requirements, it will be mailed when you do.

Q:I'm not walking. Do I still have to pay the graduation fee?
A:Yes. Beyond buying your robe and mortarboard, the graduation fee covers all sorts of things -- paying for degree audit software, stock for certified transcripts and diploma, renting chairs and plants, fixing the damage to the field the next day after everyone drives all over it -- which happen whether you celebrate your magic moment in person or not. We cannot recommend strongly enough that eligible students walk... you'll be glad you did.

For Guests

Q: What time is graduation?
A:We march at 6:00 sharp.Guests should be at their seats by 5:45 (graduates must arrive earlier).Graduation is a big day at Webber and generally every available chair is filled.There will be traffic. It will take time to park. Please plan on arriving early.... we start at 6. Graduation waits for no person.

Q:Where do I park?
A:On campus. Staff will direct you to a parking space. If you choose not to walk to the auditorium, flag down a shuttle bus which will be running through the parking lots.

Please let our staff know, and be prepared to show your state issued parking permit, if you require a parking spot reserved for our physically challenged guests.

Q:Is photography and/or videotaping allowed?
A:Yes, but we ask that you remain at your seat at all times as the aisles are used by graduates during the ceremony.

Q:What do I wear?
A:Graduation is a formal ceremony.While there is not a published dress code for the audience and there’s certainly no need to dress as formally as do graduates, your assistance in maintaining the dignity and grandeur of this ceremony will be appreciated.We recommend that you bring tissues or a handkerchief… there’s nothing to be embarrassed about; sometimes we cry ourselves.

Q: Can I bring my air horn, whistle, or other noisemaking device?
A:No. This is not a high school graduation. Completing their college degree is, for many of our students, the single greatest thing they have thus far achieved.Commencement is a regal, formal event and guests are asked to help us maintain this dignified atmosphere. Your graduate does, however, expect loud applause!

Q:Am I invited to the reception after the ceremony? Will there be opportunities there to take photos?
A: Yes. A gift to the graduates from Sysco Central Florida, the reception is free and open to all. BUT, you need a ticket so that we can prepare the proper amount of food.

Q:Are there hotels nearby?
A:There are hotels nearby, but there is still some driving involved. There are many graduations this weekend... BOOK EARLY! The closest hotel to Webber is the Hampton Inn and Suites Lake Wales (www.lakewalessuites.hamptoninn.com, 863-734-3000) in Lake Wales. Please tell them that you’re attending the Webber graduation; there may be discounts available.

Q: I want to buy Webber related graduation gifts. Where can I do this?
A: http://www.webberbookstore.com

Q:How do I get to Webber?
A:Our physical street address is 1201 N. Scenic Highway, Babson Park, Florida 33827
. Orlando (MCO) is the closest airport; Tampa (TIA) is not much further.

Q:I have physical disability and will require accommodations. What do I do?
A: We have reserved parking and seating for our guests for disabilities. Be sure to select these options when reserving your tickets. Show the parking attendant your placard and they will direct you to the nearest spot. If you require further accommodations, just ask one of our uniformed employees at the ceremony.

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Date and Time


Sabbagh Athletic Center, Webber International University Main Campus

1201 North Scenic Highway

Babson Park, FL 33827

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