Volunteer Managers: Get YOUR projects done – even when you don’t have time

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Do the competing demands of nonprofit work leave you feeling like you can’t get around to the important things? We’re not talking about the big deliverables that are sure to get done – we’re talking about the projects that you know are essential but always fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

It’s possible to see your dream projects become realities – even when other plans take priority.

The key is to create a simple system that keeps you motivated and moving forward.

This interactive webinar is for busy volunteer managers who have great ideas for improving their programs and need a better way to make them happen. We will cover the essentials for project success in a nonprofit environment. Learn how to:

Identify the support you need to keep going

Increase accountability in a way that feels achievable

Avoid the mind traps that sink your motivation

You will also receive a Make It Happen workbook, with exercises and templates to help you put these new concepts into action.

*Your $27 registration includes everything: the webinar recording, slide deck handout, and the Make It Happen workbook. Deadline to register is Tuesday, March 28.

Spaces are limited. Claim your spot today!*

This special webinar is modeled after Twenty Hats’ popular coaching and retreats for volunteer managers. Now you, too, have access to the same proven methods for expanding your professional skills.

Take a look at these comments:

I knew I needed to support to reach my goals, but I wasn’t recognizing that my very ambitious ideas were actually causing burnout. Elisa’s coaching helped me tease out my desired end result, break down my goals in to accomplish-able steps and set more realistic timelines.

While I never intended to hire a coach to tell me to slow down, I can honestly say it is the guidance I needed. Elisa helped keep me accountable for the goals I identified as important. And in the process, I learned to set aside the work that was over-complicating or distracting me. I feel more confident and capable thanks to Elisa’s support. I came away with an abundance of new tools to keep me feeling engaged and passionate about my profession.

— Stephanie Bolson, Multnomah County Dept. of Criminal Justice

The coaching sessions with Elisa were so helpful. I learned that by asking the right questions I had the power to solve problems. The forms and the questions that Elisa asked allowed me to get clear on the root of the problem. I was better able to see solutions and instead of getting lost in the weeds. The techniques that Elisa has shown me I have used in other aspects of volunteer management and even in my personal life.

— Jessica Greenlaw, DuPage Children's Museum

This retreat was fantastic! The most valuable piece I found was getting sound advice from like-minded individuals who understand your struggle and care about the outcome. Many volunteer managers are left alone in their respective organizations to deal with many issues from all departments and it can be overwhelming. It's nice to know there are those out there who can understand this feeling and come up with feasible solutions and not having to explain some of the barriers associated with these solutions.

— Kelly McDermott, Carpenter's Shelter

Attending the TwentyHats volunteer managers retreat was a great opportunity for me. I was able to meet with other like-minded volunteer managers and discuss our day to day dealings when it comes to leading our volunteers. Most beneficial to me was learning about limiting beliefs we often tell ourselves and how to reframe them in a more positive light. I also very much enjoyed the mind-mapping activities and learning about what struggles other volunteer leaders have in their organizations and being able to offer suggestions and best practices, while also being able to receive suggestions from my peers.

— Jessica Towers, DC Central Kitchen

The retreat was a wonderful experience. Elisa did a great job of helping each participant with the challenges they face in the workplace. Everyone had an opportunity to evaluate where they are now in their personal and career goals and set goals for where they would like to be. The session on the types of power people have was truly eye opening and allowed me to see new ways to approach difficult situations. I left the retreat feeling energized and confident in my ability to create positive change within the workplace.

— Nicole Dillon, New Hope Housing

What a great retreat! It was great getting to meet other volunteer professionals and be part of an environment that is welcoming to the sharing of ideas. I was able to leave at the end of the retreat with tangible next steps, including a calendar of volunteer recognition that we had completely overlooked at our agency. I also have a clearer understanding of what steps I need to take now in order to get to where I want to be in my career.

— Navara Cannon, Northern Virginia Family Service

This retreat was really enlightening! Having found some processes that work at our agency, I’ve pretty much been on auto drive. After some eye opening worksheets and conversations, I now know the tweaking that needs to be done. And it isn’t going to be “scary” getting out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to future retreats with my peers!

— Nikki Clifford, Food for Others

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