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1544 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

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UbuntuHack - our first hackathon school for reconciliation and innovation.

UbuntuHack is a hackathon between communities in conflict, gathering youth and police. We also invite activists, tech companies, churches, and community organizations to take part in identifying solutions that will create more safe spaces for everyone.

There have been hackathons that included police and youth, but UbuntuHack is an app building, rapid prototype testing, design thinking conversation BETWEEN youth, police and the community. This hackathon creates space for EVERYONE. Engineers, developers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and more importantly — you! Everyone will be on a level playing field.

From the first Black Male Achievement Hackathon with Startup Weekend in Oakland to our My Brother’s Keeper Hackathon Prep for Native youth in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our commitment to align our core values of play, empathy, and discovery to create social impact and social justice has emboldened our participants with a vision of what the future can be — inclusive and innovative.


OPENING PITCHES ON Friday will be held at SPUR Oakland, 1544 Broadway, beginning at 6pm.

CLOSING PITCHES ON Sunday will be held at the Oakland Museum of California, beginning at 4pm.

All other activity will be held at MetWest High School, 314 E. 10th Street - all day Saturday and Sunday.

For YOUTH (Trailblazers):

Do you have an idea for an app or website that solves a problem that you care about? We care too! Qeyno created this magical opportunity for you to make it happen in three days.

You Don't Need to know How To Code!

Don't know how to code or design? Our mentors will show you and help you along, building the app or website of your dreams. The will also prepare you to present and pitch your idea to a panel of experts who share their wisdom on taking your prototype to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Trailblazer and complete our application process to become one of the chosen few to experience a Qeyno Hackathon Academy.

For MENTORS (Adult Professionals - Developers, Designers, Innovators):

A Qeyno Hackathon Academy is a great place to not just practice your coding and design skills, but to take them to the next level through an intense and immersive hackathon experience like no other. You will be working alongside high potential youth from low opportunity settings who are excited to learn from you. You will be supporting them in the development of their prototypes and transforming their ideas into innovations.

  • DEVELOPERS - They will always remember the first time you showed them how to code a "Hello World" or how you helped pull them through the frustration of CSS or a javascript line. Some may have some coding experience, but most will not, and you will be introducing them to your superpower and awaken the hacker in them. We welcome the use of all programming languages.
  • DESIGNERS - The first time you show them your Wacom Tablet or how to flatten layers in Adobe Illustrator will change them forever. You will develop their talents as artists and creatives and reveal just how important the "A" is in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art Design, and Mathematics. We welcome the use of all design tools.
  • INNOVATORS - Steve Jobs could not code or design, but was master in conducting the orchestra of talent around to create product symphonies. You will be helping our future politicians, business leaders, marketers, economists - and more, understand the role that STEAM has in every sector of problem solving imaginable. The future is written in code, and you will unlock their ability to manage their team, understand data analysis, and masterfully pitch their prototype to the world.

Hackathon Academy Schedule

Each participant will commit two (3) days to the event. Here is what our days will look like:

  • Day One: Friday, February 17, 2017 - VENUE - SPUR Oakland, 1544 Broadway, Oakland

    • 4:00pm - Doors Open & Check in Opens

    • 5:00pm - Dinner + Networking

    • 6:00pm - Welcome: Speakers and Hackathon Officially Begins

    • 6:30pm - Pitches Start

    • 8:00pm - Voting

    • 8:25pm - Team Formation

    • 9:00 pm - Wrap Up

  • Day Two: Saturday, February 18, 2017 - VENUE - MetWest High School, 314 E. 10th St.

    • 7:00am - Breakfast

    • 8:00am - Workshop: Intro to MVP and Rapid Prototyping

    • 8:20am - Team Registration + Workspace Assignment

    • 9:00am - Hacking Begins

    • 12:00pm - Lunch

    • 6:00pm - Dinner

    • 10:00 pm - Wrap Up

  • Day Three: Sunday, February, 2017 - VENUE - MetWest High School

    • 7:00am - Breakfast

    • 8:00am - Workshop - Pitching Your Best Self

    • 12:00pm - Lunch

    • 3:00pm - Pitch Deck Submission Deadline

    • 4:00pm - Final Pitches - VENUE - Oakland Museum of California

    • 5:30pm - Judging & Awards

    • 5:45pm - Rites of Passage Ceremony / Wrap Up

    • 6:00pm - Community Celebration

* A final schedule will be posted and distributed closer to the event.

If you would like to be a lead or presenting sponsor for this experience, please contact Qeyno at team@qeyno.com.

Trailblazers, Mentors, Volunteers, and Press - click on the tickets button for access.

A Safe Space for Everyone

A majority of our youth participants, referred to as "Trailblazers", will be Black, Latino, and under-represented Asian and Pacific Islander youth. Although our hackathon makes strides to involve the participation of young men of color and improving their life outcomes, this experience is open to every Trailblazer and every Mentor regardless of gender and gender orientation. We welcome our girls and young women, their genius, their leadership, and their designs.

Date and Time



1544 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

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