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Turing School

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  • Saturday August 11th: 10:00am - 4:30pm

  • Sunday August 12th: 10:00am - 4:30pm

Writing Code?

Programming is everywhere. There are thousands of open, interesting, high-paying jobs for software developers in Colorado and across the country. The myth is that every programmer starts hacking away in a basement at the age of 6. The reality is that many programmers come from backgrounds like architecture, music, history, and the military. Our mission is to equip great people with the skills to succeed in programming careers.

Me? Seriously?

Being a programmer isn't for everybody. Do you find yourself thinking about the most efficient path to get your groceries at the grocery store? Do you say your Chipotle order with the ingredients right-to-left so the server can continuously move left-to-right? You're thinking about processes and that's what programming is all about.

To find out for real you need to get your hands dirty. Join Turing School for a 2-day workshop where you'll start writing code and working through the development process.

What if I'm scared of programming?

In the Try Coding workshop we're starting with the fundamentals. No previous experience or knowledge about programming is needed. We hope that you'll come, fall in love with programming, and want to come be a student at Turing. But maybe you find out it's not the thing for you. Maybe you decide to keep learning on your own. Maybe you decide to go get a Computer Science degree! All of these outcomes are worthwhile.

Back-End? Front-End? Whatsawhat?

At Turing we offer two different programs of study and we like to run these workshops in the same way: splitting between back-end and front-end.

Think about loading the Amazon.com web page: the front-end engineers wrote the code to present products, built the interface for adding things to your cart, and make the page load quickly in your browser. The back-end engineers wrote the code to figure out which products to recommend, to charge your credit card, and to send the confirmation emails after a purchase.

Saturday is focused on Back-End. We'll use the Ruby programming language to build text-based programs. We'll manipulate some data and explore what it's like "behind the scenes." Successful back-end engineers work to build expertise in object-oriented programming, test-driven development, APIs, and other practices to build high-performance software.

Sunday we'll move to Front-End. We'll cover HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll learn how to create, style, and add interactivity to web pages. By the end of the day, you'll build a game from scratch that runs in the browser.

On Turing

This isn't like a timeshare pitch -- but kind of it is. The main focus is on the programming, but we'll also explain a bit about how Turing works, how students pay for it, what kind of outcomes they see in the job market, and answer your questions. If you have no interest in attending Turing you're still welcome to come!

Nuts & Bolts

  • Doors will open at 9:40 and we'll have coffee on-hand

  • We'll talk and work until about 12 when we break for a catered lunch

  • After lunch we'll talk and work until 3:45

  • At 3:45 we'll talk about next steps to keep learning and look at how to become a student at Turing

  • At 4pm we'll be done and available for 1-on-1 questions

  • At 4:30 doors close


​If you attend the workshop and decide to apply to Turing School, you'll receive $500 off the cost of your tuition if you're accepted.


Don't see the answer you need below? Questions? Contact Erin Williams at erin@turing.io

1. Do I need to bring a computer?

You will need a computer for this class. It does not matter what the operating system is as long as you are able to access the internet through a browser. However, if you do not have one, a limited number of loaner computers are available for the class. Contact ramiro@turing.io if you need to reserve a loaner.

2. Where do I park?

The attached garage to the building is $7 on weekends, and meters are free on Sundays.

3. Is the space accessible?

Yes, we have an elevator to our space and all classrooms are accessible.

4. I want to attend but I can't afford it. Are there any scholarships available?

We are offering scholarships on a limited basis for students with financial need. Please contact erin@turing.io for more information.

5. When should I arrive for the Try Turing Saturday?

Please arrive by 9:40 on Saturday morning to register and get settled.

7. Are kids welcome?

Generally people high-school age or older can keep up with the class and are very much invited. Unfortunately the venue does not have enough space for child care, so younger ones will need to spend their Saturday somewhere else.

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Turing School

1331 17th Street


Denver, CO 80202

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