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634 N. Sheridan Ave

Pittsburgh, PA

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In a world where forgiveness, grace, and patience in seeking truth are lost; Chaos, revenge, blind justice and cruelty have no limits. 

Join us for an evening unique performance of live theatre with Shakespeare's brutally controversial play, TITUS. Cup-A-Jo Productions and Kim Barry Studio bring Shakespeare into the 21st century by blending performance art, an original live rock score created by Michael Kolczynski, and an interactive stage within the pop up summer studio, art installations, and gardens, SixTHreeFouR. 

“Why Titus? Why more violence in today's climate where we can't read our Facebook feed or turn on the news without one more seemingly senseless act? Because Titus is not about violence it is about vengeance, it is about the mistaken acceptance that retribution is justice, and it is about the foundational and often forgotten truth that we always, always have a choice... and without us taking responsibility for that choice, without choosing against our baser evils, we are doomed to repeat that violence. Where there is a choice for vengeance, there is always a choice for grace, for forgiveness, for love. With our production of Titus, we want to unflinchingly show the responsibility of choice and the weight that choice carries. There is much evil in the world, but the slyest comes in the form of mistaken justice. And we can't show the virtue of grace... without the horror of vengeance. Forgive us.” - Joanna Lowe, Director

Featuring an incredible cast:
Brett Sullivan Santry as Titus 
Charles Beikert as his loving brother Marcus 
Jessie Wray Goodman as his beautiful daughter Lavinia
Chris Morriss as his militant son Lucius
Jilllian Bradshaw as his innocent grandson
Samantha A. Camp as the vengeful queen Tamora
Andy Hickly and Connor McNelis as her demented sons, Demetrius and Chiron
Christopher S. Collier as her sadistic lover Aaron 
Everett Lowe as the emperor Saturninus
Bruce Story-Camp as Alarbus, Bassianus, Publius, Ensemble
Joanna Getting as the Nurse, Quintus, Aemilius, Messenger, Ensemble 
Tonya Lynn as the Clown and Ensemble

Cup-A-Jo Productions was formed by performance artist and poet, Joanna Lowe. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Lowe captivates audiences through original performances and staged theater productions. Her interpretation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus converges classic myth of the ages with truths, and half-truths of today.

Kim Barry founded pop up creative studios Suite 106 in Florida, West Eleven in Los Angeles, and most recently SixTHreeFouR in Pittsburgh, PA. Within her various spaces, she creates interactive environments that include paintings, sculptures, music, movement and installations. Her pieces connect inner myths and symbolism to our seemingly disconnected outer world. For, Titus Andronicus, she creates blurred spacial lines and timeless interactions for the performers and the audience. 

SixTHreeFouR is the summer pop up studio of artist, Kim Barry, located in East Liberty. Set within her family's property, it plays upon the shadows of 5 familial generations, historic structures, nature, and art installation. Within the space, she creates an experimental platform for her and invited creative guests to share intimate happenings with the community.

Performance Dates
Sept 30 -opening night , Oct.1, Oct. 6 & Oct 7 
Gate opens at 7:30pm 
Performance begins at 8pm

Bring your favorite outdoor travel chair, blankets, personal snacks, and drinks 

Due to the graphic violence (including sexual) content and mature subject matter, not for children under 18 and are restricted or those with easily triggered PTSD. Please advice.

***** Warning Label: this is equally rough to perform and as it is rough to watch.... but life and a world that is 100% without the Love, Forgiveness and Grace of God that we choose to deny more and more in ourselves and towards each other has the potential
to be just this...... viewer discretion very much advised. Anyone suffering from PTSD, sexual assault, and trauma related nervous conditions may want to pass on this experience. So please strongly consider your personal sensibilities before deciding to attend. It ain't heaven. To be sure. It is a cautionary tale as well as this is equally not meant to be entertainment for the cruel. These brave players are willing to be that mirror into the dark of the depraved human heart void of it so that we as a society do not blindly and naively follow suit. Thank you to everyone who is a part of #teamtitus

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634 N. Sheridan Ave

Pittsburgh, PA

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