The Use of Masonry in the Age of Smart Cities & Achieving Efficient Masonry...

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East Bank Club

500 North Kingsbury Street

Chicago, IL 60654

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This event is FREE to all licensed, practicing Architects, Structural Engineers, Developers, and City Planners located in Chicago, Chicago Suburbs, and NW Indiana.

Thursday May 2, 2019 at the East Bank Club

Registration starts at 12:30pm

1 pm - 2:30 pm - Paul Doherty, The Use of Masonry in the Age of Smart Cities, The Digit Group

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm - Cathleen Jacinto, Achieving Efficient Masonry Design, Forse Consulting

3:30 pm - 4 pm - Q&A

1 pm - 2:30 pm

Speaker: Paul Doherty, AIA President and CEO, the digit group,inc.

Join us for an exploration of The Use of Masonry in the context of Smart Cities.

Design firms are challenged with integrating their buildings into the urban fabric on ever more complex projects, in shorter amounts of time. Selecting the best materials for their projects is a critical element of what makes a successful, sustainable project. Due to the uncanny timing of innovations, process redesign and civic needs, Smart City implementations in both existing and new cities are providing a roadmap and solution in the form of masonry being a superior material choice for the cities of the future. Real world implementations from China, the Middle East and the United States will be showcased in order to provide context for masonry’s use throughout the Chicago area. This seminar will have a keynote session meant to inspire and promote materials innovation for the design community. To promote discussion and understanding, the seminar will also host a roundtable following the keynote to foster a dialog to capture both strategic and pragmatic elements that can be used in the attendee’s firms.

As seen in Architect Magazine, January 2019


Opening, Keynote, Break, Roundtable, Wrap Up

Earn 1 AIA Credit

Learning objectives:

• Understand the impact of Smart Cities and trending innovations on the masonry and design communities

• Learn about best practice regarding the use of masonry in urban environments today

• See how firms are using masonry in unique and powerful ways to create a sustainable built environment

• Develop a materials strategy that today’s design firms will need to remain competitive in today’s market

The Digit Group is a new kind of American real estate development company specializing in smart city solutions

The Digit Group plans, designs, builds, and manufactures holistic smart cities, using technology solutions as the basis of its designs. From the tallest of buildings to the smallest of villages, TDG creates smart cities solutions that provide greater security, increased safety, lower energy use, more efficient water management, safe and comfortable transportation, and a better urban experience. Its smart cities solutions have been implemented in China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and throughout the U.S.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Speaker: Cathleen Jacinto, PE, SE Forse Consulting

Achieving Efficient Masonry Design

In this session, we will touch on several areas of best practices for structural masonry design to achieve an efficient masonry structural design. We will explore masonry strength considerations and constructibility considerations for practical masonry detailing and specification, highlighting design choices that can significantly impact an overall project budget. We will also focus on typical 2D and 3D masonry details including practical usage, limitations, and common errors. Keys for providing economical and sustainable projects by utilizing masonry that is not over-designed, or under-utilized, will also be discussed.

Earn 1 AIA/CES credit

Learning Objectives:

1. Discover updated design criteria and how local strength of masonry affects several areas of masonry design

2. Comprehend the construction cost effects of design choices and how to detail structural masonry effectively

3. Acquire design insights on efficient partition walls, flexible masonry corridor walls, and high-performing lintels

4. Discuss best practices and how software can be used to efficiently design structural masonry

Cathleen has 18 years of experience in the design industry as a structural engineer. A seasoned project manager, Cathleen collaborated on a variety of building design projects while at Thornton Tomasetti and T.Y. Lin International in Chicago, Illinois. Her resume includes small to large-scale project types in healthcare, aviation, commercial, infrastructure, cultural, and steel connection design located in the U.S. and abroad.

Since joining FORSE in May 2015, Cathleen provides structural engineering design and modeling services in collaboration with other structural engineering firms. Her solid knowledge base of various building materials, including steel, masonry, concrete, and wood contributes to FORSE’s designs, seminars, and publications. She serves as a technical consultant to the Masonry Advisory Council. One topic Cathleen highlights is structural masonry analysis and design. Cathleen also serves as an Adjunct Lecturer for Design of Masonry Structures course at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Cathleen has a Professional Masters in Structural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is a licensed Structural Engineer (SE) and Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Illinois.

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Date and Time


East Bank Club

500 North Kingsbury Street

Chicago, IL 60654

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