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Can tiny doses lead to big changes? For many people, they already have. This is The Microdosing Movement.

About this Event

In collaboration with James Fadiman, the father of modern microdosing, The Microdosing Institute and Flow State Micro, we are tapping into over 30 years of combined microdosing experience to empower you with the best information available in this brand new 6-week course.

Leap into the New Year with the SF Psychedelic Society and our amazing community in this educational exploration where you will learn the microdosing essentials and advanced practices to ensure a smooth transition into 2021.

Join for the weekly live classes that connect you to our experts' breadth of knowledge, the community socials and chat group connecting you to like-minded peers or join for our microdosing journal that will help you connect deeper to yourself.

This course will be hosted by the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, Jakobien & Hein of The Microdosing Institute, and Adam Bramlage of Flow State Micro with visionary guest educators such as James Fadiman. We aim to provide more knowledge, support and insight than you otherwise would have dreamed of, ensuring the best chance of success in your path towards self actualization.

Classes will be held on every Sunday at 1:30 PM Pacific Time. All classes will be recorded and immediately archived for your viewing if you cannot attend a class live. Community social gatherings (CommuniTEA) will occur Tuesdays at 4pm Pacific time and will not be recorded, in between each class to process the course materials, ask questions, and build connections with a supportive group of peers who are on a similar journey. All of the event info including course content and access links are located on the online event page (only available to ticket-holders).

💊 A Microdosing Journal to help you track your changes while microdosing in addition to some helpful considerations and expansive practices to enhance the experience.

💊 Supplemental Videos on a variety of topics including microdosing preparation, explorations on less commonly used substances, and concerns.

💊 Guest Speakers who are top experts in the field of microdosing and have dedicated their lives to this subject will be joining us throughout the course.

💊 An Online Community to make connections with your classmates, ask questions, and seek guidance.

💊 Weekly CommuniTEA Gatherings hosted on zoom between each class to socialize with other students, integrate the content, ask questions and build community.

💊 Accountabilibuddies will connect you with your peers, give you the opportunity and encouragement to find a friend(s) for accountability on this journey.

💊 Personal Stories from our team on a variety of topics, from best practices to integration.

💊 Comprehensive Presentation Deck for personal reference throughout and after the class that includes all the essential info that we cover in class

💊 Lifetime Access to course materials

💊 Suggested Resources on microdosing, safe practices, integration, and thorough education about sacred medicines

Week 1: Welcome to The Microdosing Movement

You will learn about this new wave of microdosing LSD and Psilocybin and get to know their differences, while understanding the science behind this practice and its many applications.

Week 2: Lay Of The Land & Psychic Preparation

Find your focus and set your intentions.You will learn about the best practices for starting microdosing in addition to developing your inner-guide and relationship with the substance.

Week 3: Meeting The Microdose

You will learn about dosing and protocols, how to make a test dose, and hear from James Fadiman himself about the creation of his widely used protocol.

Week 4: Navigation & Integration In Practice

In this session you will learn how to navigate your microdosing experience and be present for the material coming up through understanding integration, its importance, and how to apply it to your everyday life.

Week 5: Microdosing for Mental Health & Addiction

You will learn about microdosing for the treatment of mental health, using it as a tool for addiction interruption, while learning from individuals’ personal experiences with a discussion on weaning from pharmaceuticals and how to speak with your doctor.

Week 6. Guided Meditation, Initiation Ceremony & Testimonials

In this final week, we celebrate with an initiation ceremony, an opportunity to honor the six weeks of dedication that we have put into this experience, and welcoming in your microdosing journey. Learn from others in the course to hear personal testimonials about their microdosing experiences.

Come to each class with all of your newcomer inexperience - this is a place to learn. Our intention is that this course will empower you with new information and confidence.

Included in the course are supplemental videos featuring:

Elizabeth Bast: Microdosing with Iboga

Amanita Dreamer: Microdosing Amanita muscaria for panic, anxiety and withdrawals. Youtube channel

Daniel Shankin, Tam Integration: Intentional Meditations for Microdosing

Charlotte James and Undrea Wright, The Sabina Project: Microdosing Our Way to Liberation

Initiation Ceremony Music by Jazz LeiAmora

This course is available at a $60 - $120 sliding scale

Sliding scale means we give you the option to pay the amount that is meaningful to you

$222.22 supporter tickets available for those that want to support in a deeper way

No refunds, tickets are final sale.

Scholarship tickets available upon request

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About the Speakers

James Fadiman is an American psychologist and writer. He is acknowledged for his extensive work in the field of psychedelic research. He co-founded along with Robert Frager the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which later became Sofia University, where he was a lecturer in psychedelic studies. Fadiman was also part of the team in the psychedelics in problem-solving experiment at the International Foundation for Advanced Study, which was abruptly halted in 1966. He is currently a proponent of microdosing and collects anecdotal reports from those who practice it.

Adam Bramlage is Founder and CEO of Flow State Micro. He works daily as an educator, coaching clients on performance enhancement, diet, meditation, neutral thinking and Flow State optimization. Bramlage spent more than a decade as an advocate, farmer, distributor and manufacturer in the California legal cannabis space. He sold his cannabis companies and pivoted into psychedelics after successfully using micro-dosing to cure his own treatment-resistant depression and enhance his physical and mental performance.

Jakobien Van Der Weijden co-founded the Microdosing Institute in 2017 and has been in service of the Psychedelic Renaissance since 2003, working at a Dutch smartshop and several organizations that promote psychedelics research with plant medicine. She has seen that the therapeutic use of psychedelics has allowed individuals to overcome physical, psychological, relational, or spiritual challenges.

Hein Pijnnaken is the CEO and co-founder of the Microdosing Institute and was introduced to the healing potential of microdosing in 2016 where he began his own independent research to evaluate its effects on ADHD, cluster headaches, and depression. In 2018, Pijnnaken founded Microdose, the first online web shop in Europe providing reliable microdosing products and education.

Seth Warner began teaching about fungi in 2016 as a lab facilitator with Bay Area Applied Mycology, later founding the Mycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup and has helped to reboot the San Francisco Psychedelic Society in 2017 where he now serves as the Deputy of Communications and helped with the Decriminalize Nature Oakland initiative in 2019. Seth’s intentions are to democratize the knowledge around safely cultivating and consuming sacred mushrooms for access and healing.

Danielle Negrin is Executive Director of the San Francisco Psychedelic Society, founder of Psychedelic Recovery, on the founding team of Decriminalize Nature Oakland and on the advisory board for Project New Day. She specializes in building conscious community, providing education into the use and science of psychedelics, addiction recovery services and integration. Danielle is dedicated to exploring mental health, trauma recovery, personal development and overcoming substance abuse through integrative techniques with psychoactive substances. The intention of her work is to help people and communities through sacred intentional practice, to ultimately make this a better world for us all to live in.

About the Organizations:

Flow State Micro is a California-based corporation preparing to sell its proprietary microdosing kits, which stack Flow State's legal functional mushrooms, like Lion's Mane and Cordyceps, with Microdosing XP Truffles through state of the art e-commerce platforms and legal Web stores in Holland, in accordance with the highest ethical standards and adherence to all applicable laws.

San Francisco Psychedelic Society is a bay area 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to weaving community with people from all walks of life who share an interest in the exploration of altered states of consciousness. Our mission is to educate and advocate for altered states of consciousness by providing community, support and integration resources to those seeking harm reduction, addiction recovery, spiritual growth and personal development. We emphasize honoring indigenous lineages, access without dogma and the destigmatization of all drugs.

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