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Soul Arts Wellness Studio

59 India Street

Portland, ME 04101

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Every workshop in 2017 explored different facets of the multi-dimensional parts of us and the world. This workshop is no exception!

So, what are the Akashic records? The word Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word Akasha. Akasha means ether or space. The Akashic records represent spiritual knowledge imprinted in the ethereal energies of the universe by us and everyone else. The Akashic records hold the energetic wisdom and knowledge from our personal PAST, PRESENT and potential FUTURE.

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe.” ~ W. D. Wattles

If you had access to this information, do you think it would enhance and change your life? YES! In the first of three workshops relating to this topic, we will be using this tool of consciousness to gain access to wisdom obtained from past lives that can be used NOW!

Each participant will unearth wisdom regarding a current life issue by exploring a past life contained in this mystical library of the Akashic Records!

In this workshop, you will experience:

  • A powerful heart opening contemplation.

  • Consciously using imagination as a key tool to connect with your Akashic records.

  • Experience of a 40 minute group sound and color energy session to tap into a specific past life in order to shed light on a current life situation.

  • Altering the energetic imprint of a past life.

  • Group sharing and support.

Through this experience, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of the Akashic records.

  • An understanding of how exploring past lives can help solve problems in your current life.

  • An understanding of how to alter the energetic imprint of a past life and why it’s possible to do so.

  • An understanding of the ways to communicate with this library of wisdom.

  • A deeper understanding of the role intuition plays in accessing the Akash.

  • The answer to a current life question.

  • A greater understanding of the multi-dimensional you.

  • An understanding of how we all create our future in every moment.

Cost of Workshop: $77

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Date and Time


Soul Arts Wellness Studio

59 India Street

Portland, ME 04101

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