"that wild mercury sound on the ghost frequency"

"that wild mercury sound on the ghost frequency"

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The night of live audiovisual performances "that wild mercury sound on the ghost frequency" on the Synesthesia's rooftop

About this event

Synesthesia will present live electronic and experimental music performances with multi-projection "that wild mercury sound on the ghost frequency" on the rooftop. We will build an Unknown Dome and performance in and around the dome.

Currently, Synesthesia presents Walid Shaharul's solo exhibition, "Safe Place" curated by roosi at our gallery space (Every 12 people can get inside of gallery with masks)

The exhibition and the performance space will open at 5:30 pm and the performance will start at 6 pm. Please, everyone, keep wearing your mask and social distance!


Saturday, Nov 14th 6-11pm

※If it is a rain day, we will reschedule for another day, we will announce to you via Eventbrite Email.

●Donation-Based Ticket●

Suggested Donation $20


Bushwick Area ( close to M, J, L train)

You will get the address when you get a ticket from Eventbrite

●Solo Exhibition●

Walid Shaharul "Safe Place" http://synesthesia.space/exhibitions curated by roosi ( https://roosi.org/ )


6-6:30pm:Matt Mottel

6:45-7:45pm-Chaka Benson



10-11pm-Vampÿrates with Reg Bloor


●Matt Mottel● Matt Mottel (born 1981, New York, NY) is an artist, performer and writer who enlivens primary source materials and creates collaborative artworks that amplify knowledge and provide access to subterranean culture. Social activism and cultural community are threads that run throughout Mottel’s extensive body of performances, videos, sculptures and music. Mottel’s comprehensive artistic foraging stems from his native New York upbringing. https://www.mattmottel.info/

●Chaka Benson● Chaka Benson grew up on a diverse diet of Philly music ranging from Schooly D to Sun Ra. The Philly streets thrum and echo with improvisation and DIY spirit. This simple aesthetic informs his music and artistic approach. The sound from his modular synthesizer is ever-evolving, changing over time, layered, a challenge to pin down and always rewarded! His legendary live performances are well known on the experimental electronic music scene. Each performance has a new patch specially prepared for it and a new improvised set is performed each time. https://cmbperformance.blogspot.com/?m=0

●TR7● American; Philadelphia based interdisciplinary conceptual audio/ visual artist & composer. TR7's vocabulary delves into social commentary via historical & futurist aesthetic. Installation, video, soundesign, sculptures, essays, are utilities that embodies poetic & abstract narrative for his oeuvre. TR7'S sonic exploration travels from drone , noise, free jazz & experimental hip hop traditions. www.araoof.com

●TimAdri● TimAdri is a live gear music duo made up of Chanski and Your Grace Adrianna Natalie who perform electronic music with sounds penchant towards Techno, Acid, and experimental. Chanski is a veteran follower in the NYC underground Techno scene and a local resident DJ for many well known events held by Erratic, Aphotic and Twice As Proper. He has released an EP from the Brooklyn-based vinyl-only imprint "Monday Off". Your Grace Adrianna Natalie, also know as Acid Whore, is a devotee of club music since 2002 – house, techno, acid, post-punk as well as more experimental sounds – she fell into production naturally from her interest in electronic music in 2018, and her experience behind the boards show a budding young talent making an impact on the hard, nasty end of the techno spectrum, with lots of hardware additions to her studio contributing to the grit of her sound. Signed to the experimental electronic label Alrealon Musique for her debut EP, a startlingly contemporary take on the industrial, noise, and techno crossover sound now dominating Europe and rising in America’s underground. Their unique individual sounds complement each other so well that when combined together they create magic in their live performance. Enjoy these two talents combined as one. https://soundcloud.com/chanski https://m.soundcloud.com/yourgraceadriannanatalie

●Vampÿrates with Reg Bloor● "just some hints at 'the mysterious mixed blood or the sanguine stew of our sources', both stolen & unburied (animal, mineral, vegetable & human, flesh ~ voices & sonic bites, spanning centuries of living creatures, from the exotic to the rare, screams & beastly howls, cries of murder & raging indictments, ritual & revolt, hypnotic hymns & piercing rants, savage litanies & soothing incantations, woven in a rhythm bed of loopy pulses & deeply entrancing throbs, the Vampÿrates' bloody mixology of music is a dense dark spell of layers, both organic & electronic, stirring & unnerving, that may send chills up your spine as you prepare yourself for the double-fanged pierce of pleasure."


○About Unknown Dome○

Unknown Dome is a mobile movement machine. Performance in and around the Geodesic Dome is guided from the camaraderie gained thru the shared assemblage of the structure, and then the ability to play with it. The dome is manually mechanized; it can be acted upon and used as an object in performance architecture. The dome is a canopy for projection. It is a skeleton to enable social distance dance parties, and also a structure for other artists to use to hang their own artwork, or perform in and around the dome. https://www.mattmottel.info/question-design-dome

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