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Tea Processing 101 - Oolong (2022)

Tea Processing 101 - Oolong (2022)

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$50 – $300

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Make & sell a delicious Oolong? Award-winners Jason McDonald, Timmy Gipson, & Virginia Lovelace show you the how and why of each step.

About this event

Processing the leaf to create a delicious oolong is complex. but oh so rewarding when you get the flavor of the brewed tea just right!

In this series of classes, we'll guide you through the essentials of creating an oolong from your leaf— from the pluck to the cup. You'll:

  • learn the how and why of each step;
  • explore the proper processing equipment for the quantity of leaf you grow;
  • and discover how you'll know when you've got it right!

September 10 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Plucking: find out why certain leaves are better than others for oolong — they're not the traditional "three leaves & a bud!" — and how to carry out the pluck both by hand and with machines;

September 17 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Sun Withering: discover why sun withering is critical for creating oolong's floral aromas, and how to sun wither without sun!

September 24 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Tumbling/Rattling/Withering: after sun withering, the leaves are bruised until their edges turn red — learn why this tumbling step is important to your oolong's flavor and how to carry out the step by hand or with machinery;

September 24 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Oxidizing & Kill-green: so many possible ways to carry out the oxidizing and kill-green steps — it all depends on the flavors you want to emphasize in your tea, and what degree of mechanization you have;

October 1 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Rolling: for oolongs, rolling shapes the final leaf— are there advantages for certain shapes?

October 8 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Drying: sounds simple, but there are secrets to making this last step finish the tea to perfection!

October 15 (11am - 12pm CDT) - Tasting & Marketing: you've made this exceptional tea—now how do you get people to try it and love it? We'll send you a tea sample so we can all start on the same page.


The All Course Pass is available now. This pass includes entry into all six classes in this series, including tea tasting.

If you wish to receive the tea samples, you must purchase your All Course Pass by October 8th @ 10am CDT.

If you purchase the All-Course pass after the classes have started, you will be given access to the videos of the classes you will have missed. Note that if you wish to receive the tea samples, you must purchase your All Course Pass by October 8th @ 10am CDT.

A la Carte tickets are available for each class of the series. Tickets for the first class are available until July 9 @ 10am CDT. With the exception of the tasting event, tickets for each subsequent individual class will be available until 1 hour before the next class begins. These tickets are $50 each.

The Tasting Event ticket is available from now until October 8 @ 10am CDT. This event is $75 and will include samples that will be shipped to you prior to the class on October 15th, hence the need to sign up early.

NOTE: This is the THIRD in a series of classes on processing your leaf to make tea!

Here are the other courses:

  • Tea Processing 101 - Black Tea (May 14 - June 25)
  • Tea Processing 101 - Green Tea & Yellow Tea (July 9 - August 13)


What is included in the ticket price? All tickets include access to the online clases for which you have a ticket, and also to the videos made during the classes.

Can I buy more than one ticket? Yes, each ticket provides access to one individual. If you would like to participate with a friend, multiple tickets should be purchased.

Classes have already taken place. If I buy the All Course Pass, will I get access to those classes too? Yes. The All Course Pass participants will receive links to all of the videos of all theclasses. These videos will be available as soon as possible after the event. This way, you can catch up on past classes & discussions no matter when you enroll.

How do I join the online event? Prior to the online event taking place, you will receive a number of emails reminding you of the date and time. Within these emails will also be a link to the Online Event Page which has the video conferencing link to join.

Do I need to download special software or an app to participate in the video conference? The online event will be conducted via the video conferencing platform, Zoom. You should be able to click the link provided and access the video conference in any web browser from a desktop computer or laptop. However, you will need to give permission to the browser to use your camera and microphone. If you would like to access the video conference on a smart device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) you will need to download the Zoom app to the device that you are using to access it. Note, in rare cases you may need to update your browser or computer. Be sure to test your accessibility a day or two before the online event.

Can I take part in the online event by phone only? Yes, on addition to the Zoom link you will get a call-in phone number so you can attend via phone and participate with audio only.

What happens if I lose internet connection during the online event? If you lose internet connection and leave the video conference, try clicking the link again to re-join. We will give you a phone number in case you run into difficulties during the event.

Can you help me with my technical difficulties accessing the Zoom event? Yes. In the email invitation you receive we will include a phone number to call in case you run into difficulties joining the event.

Can I ask questions during the online event? Yes! We encourage you to ask questions but please do so using the chat feature—this will ensure we avoid people talking over each other. The chat moderator, Virginia, will ensure that your questions are answered.

Will the online event be recorded? Yes. Please note: All sessions will be recorded and may be used by The Great Mississippi Tea Company, LLC at their discretion. By signing up, you are agreeing to allow The Great Mississippi Tea Company, LLC to use these recordings, which may include, but are not limited to, your voice, likeness, or name, at their discretion for any purpose they deem fit. You are also relinquishing your rights or claims to any payment (past, present, or future) or royalties from The Great Mississippi Tea Company, LLC for your participation in these recordings.

What happens if I miss a class? All recordings will be made available to paying participants of the series or the particular class in the series depending on ticket purchase. Recordings will be kept indefintely. These are made available through The US Tea Experience's online school at usteaexperience.teachable.com. Shortly after your first class we will enroll you directly in our Teachable school, so you can access the videos.

How will you ensure the online event is a safe environment? We ask that all participants be polite and courteous. The Great Mississippi Tea Company, LLC and its sponsors/partners reserve the right to remove with no refund any participant from the video conference who is disruptive or behaving inappropriately.

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