Spark Developer Bootcamp - Auckland
Spark Developer Bootcamp - Auckland

Spark Developer Bootcamp - Auckland

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Date and Time

Cliftons Auckland

Level 4, 45 Queen Street

Auckland, 1010

New Zealand

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Apache Spark Bootcamp

This three-day course is for data engineers, analysts, architects; software engineers; IT operations; and technical managers interested in a thorough, hands-on overview of the Apache Spark™ platform.

The course covers the core APIs for using Spark, fundamental mechanisms and basic internals of the platform, SQL and other high-level data access tools, as well as Spark's streaming capabilities and machine learning APIs.

Each topic includes slide and lecture content along with hands-on use of Spark through the elegant Databricks web-based notebook environment. Inspired by tools like IPython/Jupyter and Matlab, Databricks notebooks allow attendees to code jobs, data analysis queries, and generate visualizations using their own Spark cluster, accessed through a web browser.

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About Servian

Servian is one of the most recognised consulting firms in Australia and New Zealand. Servian has over 170 consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Adelaide and Brisbane working across financial services, telecommunication, retail, public sector and many other industry domains.

Servian is a Databricks Consulting Partner providing advisory, consulting and managed services in Apache Spark™ across Australia and New Zealand.

As the exclusive Databricks certified Training Partner in the region Servian offer both Public and Private corporate classes on Apache Spark™. Spark classes offered by Servian will be delivered by Databricks certified instructors using Databricks course material.

About Databricks

The creators of Apache Spark™ spun out of UC Berkeley to start Databricks in 2013. At Databricks we continue to grow the Spark project via software development, roadmap planning, and fostering the community. We have deeply integrated our Spark engineering efforts and our training program. The lead committers on Spark help design, create, and review our training curriculum and courseware. When you learn about Spark from Databricks you are learning from the Authority on Spark.

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3 Days, Full Time (9AM to 5PM)

Basic understanding of programming in Python or Scala. Knowledge or experience in Java, SQL can be beneficial but is not essential.

Course Objective

After taking this class you will be able to:
• Describe Spark’s fundamental mechanics
• Use the core Spark APIs to operate on data
• Articulate and implement typical use cases for Spark
• Build data pipelines with SparkSQL and DataFrames
• Analyze Spark jobs using the UIs and logs
• Create Streaming and Machine Learning jobs
Course Outline

• Spark Overview
• RDD Fundamentals
• SparkSQL and DataFrames
• Spark Job Execution
• Cluster Architectures for Spark
• Intro to Spark Streaming
• Machine Learning Basics

Read Full Syllabus Here:

Class Schedules

Spark Bootcamp - Sydney, Australia 23rd November 2016 (Servian, 60 Margaret St, Sydney)

Spark Bootcamp - Melbourne, Australia, 30th November 2016 (Servian, 45 William St, Sydney)

Spark Bootcamp - Auckland, New Zealand, 16th November 2016 (Clifton, 45 Queens St, Auckland)

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Date and Time

Cliftons Auckland

Level 4, 45 Queen Street

Auckland, 1010

New Zealand

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