SOP on GPU - Geometry Shaders in TouchDesigner

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Refund Policy

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We present intensive 2 day Online course "Geometry GLSL Shaders in TouchDesigner" by Stanislav Glazov.

Course is based on long and intensive expirience of trying to improve complexity and quality of realtime Graphics created in TouchDesigner. Its oriented on intermediate TD users with understanding of the SOP concept and basics of the GLSL coding.

We also offer the discount to our existing videocourses for visitors of the workshop.

After purchasing the tickets you can request the discount code.


  1. OpenGL Rendering Pipeline
  2. Changes in GLSL approach in 099 Version
  3. Vertex Shaders
  4. Geometry Shaders
  5. Bypass Shader
  6. Creating Geometry on GPU
  7. Proceduralize your code:
  8. Custom Data Structures and Functions

Practical Examples:

  1. Delete Primitives Shader
  2. Extrude Polygon Shader
  3. Magnet Shader
  4. Polywire Shader
  5. Blending Geometry
  6. Looping Through Geometry: Plexus Shader
  7. Instancing Variable Geometry
  8. Cleaning Point Clouds from Kinect
  9. Particle Trails
  10. Carving and Resampling Curves

Stanislav Glazov

Musician, visual artist ( Berlin, Germany ) and CEO of Licht.Pfad Studio.

Specialized in generative design solutions, interactive installations and light shows, video mapping, sound design/production, motion graphics and software development. During this 2 years studio done around 60 project mostly for museums, art installation and stage performances for different clubs and venues ( Central House of Arts, Arma17, Monasterio and Space ( Moscow ), Street Art Museum ( Saint Petersburg), Bassiani and 4GB festival ( Tbilisi, Georgia ) as soon as a special projects Antarktic Takt and Dark Hearts of Space created in collaboration with Dasha Rush.

They were presented internationally at Berlin Atonal, Mutek Montreal, Resonance Festival in Tokio, Raster-Noton night in Berghain, Telefonica in Lima (Peru), Unsound Festival in Krakow, at Lowry Theater in Manchester, Barbican London, Ars Electronica Linz.


A media platform for visual programming of generative 3D and 2D graphics, video mapping, interactive installations and for creating applications. Our course is designed for a relatively short time to immerse the student in the maximum number of aspects of the platform, to give an idea of sustainable working with 3D graphics, sound processing and synchronization with music programs, and provide skills to create the user interface for their applications. The course is designed for media artists, vj, interested in 3D graphics, and musicians who want to expand their visual performance show.

Delete Primitives Shader

Extrude Vertex Shader

Magnet Shader


Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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