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Improving - Dallas

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Plano, TX 75024

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This three-day instructor-led course will provide participants with the tools needed to reach the next level of object-oriented software development.

These tools will help discover and communicate:

  • what an object-oriented system is functionally required to do
  • how the system should be built in a manner conducive to maintainability

Each topic will be reinforced with very interactive and targeted group exercises (no computers) that will guide participants through complete software development cycles.

Modern object-oriented developers and designers must have a deeper understanding of this technology paradigm to successfully create sustainable custom software solutions.


  • Software development professionals looking for a deeper understanding of what it takes to create sustainable enterprise software solutions.

Students will learn to:

  • Understand the advantages of object-oriented techniques

  • Understand agile software development methods

  • Communicate designs with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) in a pragmatic way

  • Create UML use case diagrams

  • Write effective use cases and/or user stories to capture customer needs

  • Use UML sequence diagram notation to visually describe system interactions

  • Effectively identify business concepts to minimize the representation gap

  • Depict relevant business concepts in a Domain Model using UML static structure notation

  • Identify acceptance criteria for relevant functionality

  • Map acceptance tests to unit tests (Behavior-Driven Development)

  • Identify the aspects of a ‘good’ design

  • Identify the aspects of a ‘bad’ design

  • Apply principles such as Low Coupling and High Cohesion

  • Assign responsibility to appropriate classes using the GRASP patterns

  • Use the SOLID principles as design guidelines

  • Apply the most common Design Patterns

  • Know when and where to apply Design Patterns

  • Depict object collaboration using UML interaction diagrams

  • Portray classes and their dependencies using UML static structure notation

  • Produce code from design

  • Apply Test-Driven Development concepts

  • Understand when not to create Analysis and Design artifacts

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Improving - Dallas

5445 Legacy Drive

Suite 100

Plano, TX 75024

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